Monster size is a hidden property. Bigger monsters are harder to corrupt and have heavier corpses and statues. The Monk level 32 class power doesn't function on large monsters.

Monsters by Size[]

Size Monsters
Tiny Chaos rat, Filk, Pixie, Pixie archer, Quickling, Quickling king, Quickling lord, Quickling queen, Rat, Shadow, Shadow lord, Vapor rat, Will o'wisp
Small Battle bunny, Blup, Big dog, Brown worm, Chaos eye, Chaos spawn, Chaos viper, Claw bug, Cobra, Cute dog, Dwarf, Dwarven battle spirit, Dwarven child, Dwarven ghost warrior, Dwarven guardian spirit, Eye of destruction, Fairy dragon, Floating eye, Ghost bat, Giant bee worker, Giant centipede, Giant rat, Goblin, Goblin berserker, Goblin chieftain, Goblin rockthrower, Goblin slavemaster, Green worm, Gremlin, Grizzled dwarven veteran, Homunculus, Imp, Jackal, Kobold, Kobold chieftain, Kobold shaman, Kobold trapmaster, Large bat, Large dog, Large kobold, Large spider, Magebane eye, Magedoom eye, Mimic, Minor fungoid, Mutated battle bunny, Nak An'Dwar, Pit viper, Purple worm, Quasit, Rabid dog, Rattlesnake, Red worm, Shadow centipede, Small dwarf, Staring eye, Truesilver golem, Viper, Water snake, White worm, Wild cat
Medium Andor Drakon, Animated armor, Annihilator, Antediluvian orc, Antediluvian orc chieftain, Dak, Assassin, Assassin prince, Bandit, Banshee, Barbarian, Barbarian leader, Bart, Beggar, Berserker, Berserker emperor, Berserker king, Berserker lord, Berserker prince, Black dragon hatchling, Black hurthling, Black slayer, Black wizard, Blink dog, Blue dragon hatchling, Bugs, Casino guard, Cat lord, Cave fisher, Caveman, Chaos brother, Chaos diplomat, Chaos knight, Chaos mutant, Chaos plague bearer, Chaos servant, Chaos sister, Chaos warlord, Chaos warrior, Chaos wizard, Child, Clay statue, Cooshoo, Corpse fiend, Corruptor, Crystal statue, Cutpurse, Dark elven archer, Dark elven lord, Dark elven princess, Dark elven warrior, Dark elven wizard, Dark orc, Dark sage, Death ooze, Demented ratling, Detrapster, Dire wolf, Displacer beast, Doppelganger, Drunken dwarf, Dwarven chaos knight, Dwarven elite guardian, Dwarven guardian, Dwarven mystic, Emperor lich, Farmer, Female dwarf, Fire beetle, Fire drake, Frozen one, Fungoid sporecaster, Gaab'Baay, Gargoyle, Garth, Gelatinous cube, Ghost, Ghost king, Ghost librarian, Ghost lord, Ghul, Giant ant worker, Giant bat, Giant bee warrior, Giant frog, Giant raccoon, Gibbering mouther,Glod, Goodwife, Gray ooze, Gray scribe, Gray slayer, Greater chaos servant, Greater doppelganger, Greater mummy, Green blob, Green slime, Griff Bloodax, Guth'Alak, Half-orc bouncer, Harpy, Harwad, Hawkslayer, Hell hound, Hill orc, Hill orc sergeant, Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin chief, Hobgoblin leader, Holy slayer, Hotzenplotz, Huge bat, Hugo, Hyena, Ice queen, Ice statue, Invisible stalker, Jackalwere, Jharod, Junior thief, Karmic dragon hatchling, Keethrax, Khelavaster, Kherab, King cobra, Kranach, Kranf Niest, Large jackal, Large orc, Large rust monster, Large snake, Least daemon, Lich, Lich king, Lizard man, Malicious doctor, Margoyle, Master assassin, Master lich, Master swordsman, Mist wolf, Monk of order, Mugger, Mummy, Muscular dwarf, Naar'dwar, Necromancer, Nonnak, Nuurag-Vaarn, Ochre jelly, Old barbarian, Oracle, Orc, Orc butcher, Orc chieftain, Orc scorcher, Outlaw, Outlaw leader, Paladin of order, Raider, Ratling archer, Ratling dealer, Ratling duelist, Ratling fencer, Ratling guardian, Ratling master thief, Ratling rebel, Ratling thief, Ratling trader, Ratling warlord, Ratling warrior, Red dragon hatchling, Rehetep, Revenant, Rolf, Royal guardian, Rust monster, Ruun, Rynt, Shark, Shopkeeper, Silver wolf, Skeletal king, Skeletal warrior, Skeleton, Skriek, Spectre, Steel zombie, Stone dragon hatchling, Stone ooze, Stone snake, Stone statue, Swordsman, Thrundarr, Thug, Tiny girl, Torgall, Trapster, Tywat Pare, Ultimate doppelganger, Vampire, Velociraptor, Vile spirit, Wererat, Werewolf, Werewolf lord, Werewolf king, White dragon hatchling, Wight, Wolf, Wraith, Yellow ooze, Yergius, Yggaz, Yrrigs, Yulgash, Zombie
Large Acid vortex, Air demon, Air elemental, Air grue, Ancient black dragon, Ancient blue dragon, Ancient Chaos Wyrm, Ancient karmic dragon, Ancient minotaur, Ancient red dragon, Ancient Stone Beast, Ancient stone dragon, Ancient white dragon, Angel of order, Animated tree, Ankheg, Ankylosaurus, Annis hag, Antediluvian troll, Antediluvian troll chief, Archangel of order, Baalz'ab-buul, Balor, Black dragon, Black unicorn, Blue dragon, Bone golem, Breaker, Brown bear, Bugbear, Builder, Bulette, Carrion crawler, Cave bear, Cave lion, Cave lizard, Cave tiger, Chaos lizard, Chaos spider, Clay golem, Cyclops, Diamond golem, Djinni, Dorn Beast, Dragon turtle, Earth elemental, Emperor moloch, Entelodon, Eternal guardian, Eternium golem, Ettin, Fire demon, Fire elemental, Fire giant, Fire giant king, Fire grue, Fire lizard, Fire vortex, Fistanarius, Flesh golem, Fomorian giant, Frost giant, Frost giant berserker, Frost giant jarl, Frost salamander, Fungoid overlord, Gargantuan rat, Giant ant queen, Giant ant warrior, Giant bee queen, Giant boar, Giant dragon turtle, Giant eel, Giant lizard, Giant rust monster, Giant shark, Giant slug, Giant spider, Giant turtle, Gnoll, Gnoll chieftain, Gorgon, Great black wyrm, Great blue wyrm, Great karmic wyrm, Great red wyrm, Great stone wyrm, Great white wyrm, Greater air elemental, Greater claw bug, Greater daemon, Greater earth elemental, Greater fire elemental, Greater fungoid, Greater mimic, Greater moloch, Greater titan, Greater water elemental, Green hag, Griffon, Hill giant, Hill giant chieftain, Hippogriff, Hydra, Ice elemental, Ice lizard, Ice vortex, Iron golem, Jackal demon, Juggernaut, Karmic dragon, Karmic lizard, Katharamandus, Keriax, Killer bug, Ki-rin, Large gnoll, Lesser daemon, Leucrotta, Lightning lizard, Lightning vortex, Living wall, Master mimic, Mimic hivemind, Minotaur, Minotaur emperor, Minotaur king, Minotaur lord, Minotaur mage, Minotaur mazelord, Minotaur mazemaster, Moloch, Ogre, Ogre emperor, Ogre guardian, Ogre king, Ogre lord, Ogre magus, Owlbear, Power of order, Pteranodon, Red dragon, Riurry, Schwarzzahn, Seraphim of order, Shadow troll, Shadow wyrm, Shambling mound, Sharad-Waador, Shyssiryxius, Slow shadow, Snake from Beyond, Snow golem, Solar, Srraxxarrakex, Steel golem, Steel horror, Stone dragon, Stone giant, Stone giant lord, Stone golem, Stone grue, Swamp hydra, Tarantula, Throne of order, Titan, Triceratops, Troll, Troll berserker, Troll chief, Troll king, Tyrannosaurus, Wall beast, Water demon, Water elemental, Water grue, White unicorn, Writhing mass of primal chaos, Yeti, Yrruir


Unique monsters cannot be corrupted by thrown potions of raw chaos, but they can be affected by staves of corruption dissemination and corruption traps. Monsters with corrupting melee attacks cannot be corrupted unless they lose this special ability due to a potion of cure corruption. Orb guardians cannot be corrupted.

Size Cursed raw chaos Blessed corruption dissemination Corruption trap
Corruption needed to transform a monster
Tiny 1 2 5
Small 1 3 10
Medium 2 5 18
Large 6 18 74