Scare Monster/Holy Awe
School Arcane, Clerical
Type Disabler
Range Touch
Base cost 12
Equivalent item N/A

Scare Monster is a utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to induce panic in a target monster, causing it to flee.

Scare Monster doesn't work on constructs, demons, dragons, undead, and unintelligent beings (including most insects and jellies). However, the spell is exceptionally unreliable, failing at least ~75% of the time. This makes it ill-suited for dealing with dangerous monsters, although it can still be useful for avoiding killing certain things (e.g. dwarves or cats), or for pacifying monsters by offering peace.

Scare Monster is only trained when its target is successfully scared.



The chance to successfully scare the target seems to increase with spell proficiency.


Scare duration is dependent on caster's level (L) and proficiency with the spell (P). The exact formula looks the following way:

{L}d4 + P



Note that scared monsters will trigger traps even if they are normally immune to them. This is theoretically a great way to reduce difficulty in the Minotaur Maze. As all minotaurs are humanoids they are vulnerable to Scare Monster and will flee from the PC triggering and thus uncovering all traps on their way.

Spell messages

  • Unsuccessful casting of Scare Monster will generate "-target- does not seem to be impressed." message
  • Successfull casting of Scare Monster will generate "-target- seems to be very scared." message
  • It is possible to cast Scare Monster on the PC; doing so will generate "Booh!" message