The Rolf quest is a complex quest to find the legendary dwarf Rolf, and to carry out his bidding. It requires assembling a map to find Rolf, and killing his nemesis. Depending on how the quest is resolved, it can lead to volcanoes appearing in the Drakalor chain.

In order to meet Rolf, the PC must avoid killing any living dwarves, apart from dwarven chaos knights. If this condition is not met, the PC will be unable to progress beyond the mighty hall of Rolf's fortress. There can still be some value in visiting Rolf's fortress under these circumstances, as the artifact unpick axe will remain accessible.

Map fragments[]

There are 6 antediluvian dwarven map fragments scattered across the Drakalor Chain. Reading one when the PC possesses all 6 fragments allows the PC to combine them into a map to Rolf's fortress.

Rolf's fortress[]

Once the PC reads the antediluvian dwarven map, Rolf's fortress can be found in the mountains directly east of Terinyo. Rolf's fortress consists of four levels, with Rolf at the bottom.

Ruined courtyard[]


The first level of the fortress has a moat populated by random aquatic monsters. The first proper room contains four pools. To the north is a peaceful dwarven guardian spirit and piles of bones. To the south is a room full of dwarven ghost warriors who become hostile upon noticing the PC. The dungeon continues east through a gauntlet of respawning constructs. Most actions taken on the level (e.g. picking up items, using items, breaking walls and doors) will cause angry stone golems and stone statues to spawn from here. The final chamber to the east has two secret doors. The secret door to the east leads to the artifact unpick axe, guarded by a truesilver golem. The secret door to the south leads to the rest of the fortress levels.

There is an unusual concentration of lawfully aligned monsters on this level (the dwarven ghost warriors and truesilver golem). It worth noting that killing these monsters is a chaotic act; in particular, killing the truesilver golem could cause a large negative alignment shift. This could be particularly problematic for dark elf/orc/troll PCs, who must be lawful in order to receive Rolf's quest.

Teleportation is not allowed on this level, although most of the walls are diggable, with the exception of those around the secret doors.


The second level of the fortress is a dungeon level with a normal random layout. It features antediluvian enemies. Teleportation is allowed on this level.

Mighty hall[]


The third level of the fortress has a large, open layout featuring many monsters. Most of the monsters are initially peaceful, but will become hostile when the PC ascends from the final level. Note that dwarves can be generated among the monsters. A room full of antediluvian alcohol is hidden behind a secret door in the northeast of the level. A pool and the stairs down are on the west side of the level. Teleportation is not allowed on this level. If the PC has killed ANY living dwarven monster types (e.g., Kherab) apart from dwarven chaos knights, they will not be allowed to descend to the final level.

Throne room[]


The final level of the fortress is a single, huge room. There are six pools on the east end, and Rolf is initially found on the west end. Teleportation is not allowed on this level.

Rolf's quest[]

Rolf will assign you a quest if you chat with him after giving him his axe and shield. Rolf will attack non-lawful Dark Elves, Orcs, and Trolls when chatted with. Rolf will attack chaos knights when chatted with, regardless of alignment. Rolf asks you to slay the stone dragon king and return with its heart. After receiving this quest, the stone dragon caves can be found in the mountains to the west of the pyramid.

Stone dragon caves[]


The stone dragon caves consist of five levels in total. All levels have a reduced line of sight (similar to the water dragon cave), allow digging and teleportation, and are subject to earthquakes at random intervals. The caves are populated by all types of earth and stone monsters, as well as baby stone dragons, stone dragons, ancient stone dragons, and great stone wyrms. The first four levels have cavernous layouts, while the final level has a special layout that includes the stone dragon king's treasure hoard. The stone dragon king drops the stone heart when killed.

Turning in the heart[]

Giving Rolf the stone heart completes his quest, and he rewards the PC with the Gleaming dwarven rune axe and Gleaming dwarven shield, as well as +2 Strength, +6 Toughness, and +6 Willpower. Alternatively, the stone heart can be corrupted instead of returning it. This forfeits the rewards from Rolf, but opens up another quest line. It is not necessary to return Bergbringer to Rolf; if the heart is returned to Rolf, he gives the PC a hint for stopping the coming cataclysm.

Volcano quest[]

The stone heart can be corrupted by using it while the PC possesses the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire. Doing this gradually causes mountains to turn into volcanoes, and other terrain to become more mountainous. After the heart is corrupted, there is also a small chance that dungeons the PC visits will be hit by an earthquake, destroying random walls. Additionally, the PC will very frequently note that "Heavy eruptions shake the earth!" and may (rarely) be knocked down. This doesn't seem to cause any damage to the PC.

The volcano[]

Entering any volcano on the wilderness map places the PC in the same volcano dungeon. Leaving this dungeon places the PC on a random volcano on the wilderness map. This can eventually be used to visit any closed off area on the wilderness map, including the sinister library, although it may take a very long time for volcanoes to spawn in the necessary places. The volcano itself is a 16 level cavernous dungeon with lots of magma and a very high rate of special dungeon features. The heart of Ancardia, an artifact amulet, is found on the ground on the 16th level. Visiting the volcano is not required to complete this quest line, but it will become inaccessible upon its conclusion.

Stopping the cataclysm[]

Yggaz the fool can be tamed by giving him some antediluvian alcohol. Leading him all the way to the ice queen will cause them to reunite, which stops the generation of further volcanoes and renders existing volcanoes dormant. At this point, it will no longer be possible to visit the volcano or to complete any remaining ice queen quests.

Reuniting Ice queen with Yggaz can be done without completing Rolf's quest and Volcano quest. It adds an achievement line to the player's end of game log file: "He/She restored the true love of Alsayshin and Brannalbin."