This page contains a list of all the types of rings in ADOM. Rings are worn under gauntlets, which means that cursed gauntlets prevent equipping or unequipping rings. Rings are also protected from most types of item destruction while any type of gauntlets are equipped. However, melee attacks can still occasionally damage or destroy rings that grant PV bonuses. Divine retribution and the special destruction cases for rings of karmic absorption and the ring of the master cat are also unaffected by gauntlets. All rings weigh 1s.

While equipped, iron rings will cause 0.5 points of damage per turn to mist elf PCs. Iron rings are marked with a gray background in the list below. However, since rings don't come pre-identified, the following appearances are made of iron: agate, aquamarine, electrum, emerald, fire opal, iron, plain, topaz, vibrating.

All listed effects are active when rings are equipped. This page uses default values for +x bonuses (unless specifically noted) for common rings, actual numbers may vary.

Common rings[]

Name Material DL Notes
Ring of defense Gold 1 Adds +1 to DV
Ring of protection Gold 1 Adds +1 to PV
Ring of damage Adamantium 1 Increases melee damage (decreases if cursed)
Ring of fire resistance Wood 1 Grants fire resistance
Ring of acid resistance Iron 1 Grants acid resistance
Ring of cold resistance Stone 1 Grants cold resistance
Ring of stun resistance Iron 1 Grants resistance to stunning
Brass ring Nonmetallic 1 Useless
Wedding ring Nonmetallic 1 Wielding grants immunity to Banshee's wail if the PC is male; 'g'iving to (higher rank) berserkers of the same gender makes them PC's companions. After 1.1.1, this was changed to instead work on berserkers of the opposite gender[1].
Ring of djinni summoning Adamantium 8 Grants a wish/summons companion djinni/summons hostile djinni based on the B/U/C status
Ring of doom Gold 5 Autocursing; Curses and dooms the PC, lowers DV and PV by 6 each (fixed penalty)
Ring of elemental mastery Iron 15 Grants immunity to fire, cold and shock attacks
Ring of minor elemental mastery Iron 15 Grants resistance to fire, cold and shock attacks
Ring of fire Adamantium 4 Protects worn equipment and inventory from cold-based damage
Ring of gain attribute Gold 7 Adds +1 to one attribute
Ring of ice Mithril 4 Protects worn equipment and inventory from fire-based damage
Ring of invisibility Stone 10 Grants invisibility
Ring of karmic absorption Gold 9 Allows to hit karmic creatures in melee without the usual penalty; B/U/C status declines with each hit
Ring of levitation Gold 6 Grants levitating
Ring of luck Gold 3 Increases luck and grants Lucky intrinsic
Ring of mental stability Iron 3 Grants confusion resistance; adds +1 to Learning; adds +0 to DV and +1 to PV
Ring of regeneration Gold 12 Grants an extra source of regeneration
Ring of searching Gold 2 Improves searching capabilities
Ring of see invisible Gold 8 Grants see invisible intrinsic
Ring of slaying Adamantium 15 Adds +6 to melee damage and +6 to missile damage
Ring of speed Iron 5 Adds +5 to speed (fixed bonus) and +1 to PV
Ring of teleport control Gold 5 Grants teleport control
Ring of the clear mind Iron 5 Grants confusion resistance
Ring of the fish Iron 3 Autocursing; decreases drowning damage
Ring of weakness Iron 10 Autocursing; reduces base Strength to 6/4/2 (based on B/U/C status; fixed penalty)

Artifact rings[]

Name Material DL Notes
Ring of the archmages Gold ? Adds +10 to DV and +5 to PV; adds +6 to Mana; increases power point regeneration; grants resistance to sleep, death ray, paralyzation, and shock attacks; grants see invisible and teleport control intrinsics.
Ring of the master cat Adamantium N/A Adds +5 to PV; adds +16 to Dexterity and speed; increases the chance to perform critical hits; grants see invisible and Fate smiles intrinsics; given to the PC by the cat lord if no cats were killed
Ring of the High Kings Gold N/A Adds +2 to DV and +3 to PV; grants resistance to fire, poison, cold and shock attacks; can be found on the bottom level of the Tomb of the High Kings
Ring of immunity Iron ? Adds +5 to DV and PV; grants immunity to fire, acid, cold and shock attacks

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.