Ring of the
master cat
( = )
Item Type Ring
Artifact? Yes
Weight 1s
Danger Level N/A
Material Adamantium

The ring of the master cat is an artifact ring. It is the reward for the frustrating task of pleasing the cat lord—by killing no cats at all until you reach him.

Whilst worn the ring increases PV by 5, Dexterity and speed by 16 each, and grants the Fate Smiles intrinsic. As of ADOM v. 1.2.0 it also grants an increased chance to land critical hits in melee when worn; this only occurs in earlier versions if the ring is actually wielded as a weapon, due to a bug[1].

Note that if a PC kills a cat whilst wearing the ring, it will be lost in an explosion, damaging (about 30-100 points) and potentially killing the PC to boot. Cats spawned on dungeon levels will also be non-hostile if the ring is blessed, though this does not include cats that are summoned or spawned in tension rooms.

In its unidentified form it appears as cats eye ring.


Obtaining the ring is hugely desirable for two reasons: it completely avoids a dangerous battle against the mighty cat lord, and the ring itself is an excellent item. Its armor bonuses are notable due to the fact it not only adds 5 points of protection, but the 16 extra Dexterity points amounts to about 8 extra DV. The Dexterity and speed increases also allow the PC to act much faster, allowing them to possibly keep their distance from monsters and/or land more attacks on them.

Having the ring explode is a completely different matter—potentially dying to a small slip-up is certainly not desirable. If the PC feels they have to kill a cat, they can take off the ring and not incur any repercussions for killing the cat.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

It is granted by the cat lord if the PC has not killed any cats upon meeting him.

Greater Identify information[]

------------- ring of the master cat [+0,+5] {Dx+16} (+16 spd) -------------'''

When worn it modifies DV by +0 and PV by +5.
When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 points 
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1
points of damage.
It modifies your dexterity attribute by +16.
It is very good at scoring critical hits in melee. 
It modifies your speed by +16.
It makes Fate smile upon you.
It grants the ability to see invisible things. 
(if the PC is wearing a blessed ring of the master cat, cats are generated 
non-hostile, except tension rooms and vaults)