The quest to rescue the cute dog is received from the tiny girl in Terinyo.


The Cute Dog quest can be started at any point of the game by talking to the Tiny Girl. There are no requirements.

Description and walkthrough[]

Once the quest has been received, it is possible to find the Puppy Cave to the north-east of Terinyo. Until the quest has been received, this cave cannot be seen or entered.

You need to descend to the bottom level of the cave where you will be able to find the cute dog. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you need to pass an ant nest and a cavernous level, both of which are very dangerous to low-leveled players. Giant ants have very high PV, which means that low level players can find it hard or impossible to damage them. Moreover, there is a guaranteed lesser vault at the bottom.

If you get to the bottom level before four in-game days have passed (press Ctrl-E to see elapsed time), then the cute dog will be generated somewhere on the level. If four days have passed, it will be generated as a corpse, and is presumed to have died of starvation or at the hands of one of the monsters in the cave. Even if you generate it alive, it may still fall victim to an enemy before you find it. If you get the message, "You sense the death of an innocent being", it has been killed.

You must then battle your way to the surface with the cute dog (or its corpse), and return to Terinyo. At this point, the cute dog will stop following you and return to its beloved master, the tiny girl.

This quest is very challenging for a beginning player, mostly due to the challenging nature of the cave itself, but also due to the frailty of the cute dog and its delusions of grandeur—it will try to attack monsters on its own as any pet would, regardless of their size or how easily they can kill it. The reward for saving the dog is slim, largely sentimental in value.

Incidentally, there is a way to fulfill the quest even if the cute dog dies. Instead of telling the tiny girl about its death, one can wish for a cute dog and and deliver the wished-for cute dog to her. She won't know the difference. Whether you would want to spend a wish in this manner is another matter.


Whether you return the dog alive or dead, you will receive an alignment boost. The boost is the same either way.

If the dog is returned alive, then sometimes when you talk to the tiny girl she will give you a bit of plain candy.