Remove Curse
School Arcane, Clerical
Type Utility
Range N/A
Base cost 50
Equivalent item scroll of uncursing

Remove Curse is a utility spell in ADOM. As the name implies, it allows the caster to remove the cursed status of target item or item stack.

Remove Curse is a potent tool to cope with cursed items, but is rarely used in practice. This is caused mainly by its rarity — by the time the PC finds a corresponding spellbook (s)he will likely be sufficiently equipped to easily manipulate B/U/C status of items. Moreover, it is generally a standard practice to bless more powerful items which make up the majority of PC's equipment by mid-game. Still, if successfully learned, Remove Curse allows saving other means of uncursing items for emergencies and the free use of auto-cursing items (such as Crown of science, Shezestriakis, and rings of the fish). It can also be used to restore rotting food, which can be handy for transporting orb guardian corpses. If found early on, it becomes a relatively valuable asset with the extra advantage of allowing efficient Mana training (due to its high cost).

Note that blessed scrolls of uncursing are much more potent than the spell as they affect all items in the PC's inventory.


Remove Curse doesn't depend on any attribute due to its fixed effect. Spell proficiency likewise doesn't improve anything except base cost.


Wizards receive a class power allowing them to uncurse an item in exchange for 1 point of Mana — a much bigger cost than PP.