Regeneration is a certain ability which may be conferred on the PC by certain items. It will not be revealed if the PC drinks a potion of insight or casts Revelation spell and thus is not considered an intrinsic.

Each correctly equipped item that confers regeneration will restore 1 HP each turn. This effect is completely independent from other healing sources and will stack with them — for example, if natural regeneration activates on turn N and the PC has an item conferring regeneration equipped, (s)he will restore 2 HP on this turn. Moreover, regeneration sources stack with each other, meaning that if the PC has two corresponding items equipped (s)he will restore 2 HP each turn (again, independently of other healing factors).

The following list contains all available items conferring regeneration:

With this setup in mind, it is possible to achieve a regeneration rate ot 9 HP (8 HP for version 1.2.0 and later) per turn.

The actual strategical value of regeneration abilities are quite significant. It allows non-stop fighting if the PC is engaging monsters which deal little damage or rarely miss. Regeneration will not be of much help if the PC is receiving huge amounts of damage in a short time, but will quickly restore hit points during a retreat or while the monster is disabled (using webs, confusion, slowing, etc.). Regeneration can also suppress continuous damage sources, such as poisoning, drowning, background damage in the Tower of Eternal Flames or Air Temple or skin burns from iron items for Mist elves. It will, however, not be much of use against sickness.