Rangers are wilderness adventurers who specialize in two-weapon and ranged combat, and they feature among the largest number of starting skills of any class. Unfortunately, wilderness abilities are of limited use in regular play since the majority of the game is spent in dungeons, and many players dislike two-weapon combat because of its inherent penalties; nonetheless, Rangers are still a relatively popular class because their skillset and excellent modifiers offers the ultimate in flexibility in playstyle. Obviously, for players who wish to use two-weapon combat for extended periods of time, Rangers are an ideal class. Orcs and Dark Elves are among the most popular choices since one of the important skills Rangers do lack is Find Weakness, and both races have excellent starting gear. Because of the relatively unimpressive nature of Ranger class powers, Trolls are also a perfectly respectable choice, since leveling is less important.

Basic Information[]

Base Stats[]

The base stats for male Rangers are tabulated below. Female Rangers will, on average, have -1 Strength and +1 Dexterity compared to males. Note that any value may vary from these typical values by around +/-5 due to starsigns or birth effects, and further if the question system is not employed. See Talk:Archer for details on how these tables were generated.

Rangers have high Strength, Dexterity, Perception, and, curiously, Mana. Rangers are borderline illiterate in many races.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 14  12 11 12 15 9 10  14 15 
Troll 26  5 10  28  6 5 10 
High Elf 14 12  10 19  12  9 15 18  20 
Gray Elf 14  12  11 17  11 19  21  20 
Dark Elf 13 10  13 19  14 7 12  23  19 
Dwarf 17  11  12 11 20  14  16
Gnome 13  11  10 15 17 11  10 20  16
Hurthling 9 10  11 19  19 11  10 11  15
Orc 20 11 12  20 7 7 12 
Drakeling 19  10  13 11  20  14 13 
Ratling 10 10  10 13  14 10 13 
Mist Elf 9 15  8 14  6 22  19 16 

Starting Skills[]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Alertness 20 4d5 No
Archery 25 3d5 No
Athletics 30 4d5 No
Climbing 35 4d5 N/A
Dodge 20 4d5 No
First Aid 25 4d5 N/A
Food Preservation 25 4d5 No
Haggling 20 2d4 N/A
Healing 20 4d5 Yes
Herbalism 30 4d5 Yes
Listening 25 4d5 N/A
Survival 30 4d5 No
Swimming 30 3d3 Yes
Two Weapon Combat 55 4d4 Yes
Woodcraft 25 4d5 No

Crowning Gifts[]

Rangers have at least a few gifts that are passably good: Nature's Companion and Sun's Messenger are always good to receive, and one-handed spear enthusiasts will be reasonably happy with the otherwise mediocre Bugbiter. True Aim is very attractive (as of v. 1.2.0) since it deals huge damage and (usually) returns when fired. Once the Ranger gains the level 40 class power which provides a sufficient substitute for seven league boots, the Boots of the Divine Messenger are also very attractive. Nature's Friend, on the other hand, is almost useless.

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level[]

HP: Medium
PP: Low
Melee to-hit: High
Ranged to-hit: Very high

Special Abilities[]

Class Abilities[]

  • All classes receive a base penalty of -6 to-hit on each weapon while fighting with two weapons. This penalty is waived for Rangers.
  • Heir gift: Masterwork mithril battle axe of the eagle (+3, 1d6+5 or similar)

Class Powers[]

  • Level 6: Finds more food and passes less time when using Survival; makes the PC immune to weather effects (rain namely).
  • Level 12: No longer slowed by terrain in wilderness.
  • Level 18: Missile range is increased by 4.
  • Level 25: Attempts to evade wilderness encounters are always successful. Monsters can still ambush PCs with bad luck.
  • Level 32: Reduces the weight penalty using two weapon combat by 50%. In practice, this means that (combined) weapon weights of less than 120 are free.
  • Level 40: Movement energy cost reduced to 750.
  • Level 50: Reduces the weight penalty using two weapon combat by 75%. In practice, this means that (combined) weapon weights of less than 240 are free.

Starting Gear[]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling