Random dungeons are a feature introduced in ADOM version 1.2.0. Entrances to these dungeons are located in the wilderness but their actual positions vary throughout different games. Some of the dungeons may be generated in the north-western part of the Drakalor Chain and thus may require a climbing set to reach.

Currently, 6 random dungeons seem to appear in every game. Unlike entrance locations, their (shorthand) descriptions, depth, and DL ranges are fixed.

Main Features[edit source]

Description Abbreviation Depth DL Range Special features
Moldy dungeon R1 5 3-7 5th level can contain the Tome of donors, 4th level is always a shifting level
Shadowy dungeon R2 12 1-12
Sinister dungeon R3 5 15-19 5th level has a portal that can only be opened by the Ancient dwarven key or the Silver Key
Antediluvian dungeon R4 13 22-34 Contains a scroll shop selling an Antediluvian dwarven map fragment
Putrid cave R5 3 7-9 Some or all levels are cavernous.
Crumbling dungeon R6 7 40-46

Various dungeon features may be encountered in these dungeons. Thus, low-DL caves might be scouted for herbs early in the game and altars and forges to use later in the game. The putrid cave might be of high interest for players who place high value in early precrowning which may be trivial to do if an altar is generated on one of its levels.

Inhabitants[edit source]

Quests[edit source]

Two of the Antediluvian dwarven map fragments required for the Rolf quest can be found in the random dungeons. One will be for sale inside a shop in the Ancient dungeon, while the other is beyond the dwarven portal at the bottom of the Sinister dungeon.

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