In-game description "You rage!"
Message when acquired "Suddenly a great hatred and anger takes control of you."
Message when removed "You calm down."
Attribute changes -9 DV, +6 melee damage
Other effects Chance to attack peaceful monsters unprompted.

Rage (corruption) is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It gives the PC a chance to splatter peaceful monsters they walk into without a prompt, instead of swapping places with them.


A fair exchange for dedicated melee fighters with good kit, but an absolute waste of DV for Archers and Wizards. Although PV is generally more valuable, all monsters have a chance of ignoring it, and some always do so, leaving DV as the PC's only defense. On the other hand, at some point, additional DV gives no actual benefit, while a little extra damage can be helpful to overcome high-PV enemies more quickly. Polearm-wielding characters with a good shield and high skill may not notice the drop in defense. For non-melee characters, it should be removed if the character has a means of corruption removal and does not need to become extremely corrupted for an ultra ending. Melee-oriented characters should remove it if their defense is already lacking. Rage is a good starting corruption for Chaos Knights, who are already protected by a great deal of PV from their starting equipment.

Unlike armor of rage, this corruption has no effect on true berserking.

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