Your character's race has a strong impact on level advancement rate, maximum age, initial HP and PP regeneration rates, as well as starting alignment, attributes, equipment, and skills. Also, certain races have bonuses or penalties in other areas. See each race's page for more details.

All PCs receive the Climbing, First aid, Haggling and Listening skills.

Race Description Granted skills Starting alignment Level advance Lifetime
Human Humans are fairly generic. They have average stats, with only Learning above average, good equipment, and gain levels quickly. They perform decently with any class, but are not the best or worst with any. Food preservation, Swimming Neutral Fast Average
Troll Trolls are huge, stupid creatures that like to eat the other sentient races. Trolls heal quickly but need to eat a lot of food and need much more experience to level than the others. They have excellent Strength and Toughness, but poor mental stats. Trolls make fearsome Barbarians, and are also suited to other fighting classes. Athletics, Bridge building, Food preservation, Gemology, Mining Chaotic Very slow Short
High Elf High elves are frivolous and love nature. Thanks to their high agility, they make excellent Archers. Their magical abilities also make them capable spellcasters, even if the class is not specifically centered on casting, such as Healers. Dodge, Literacy, Stealth Lawful Average Very long
Gray Elf Aloof, arrogant, and physically weak, but stunningly beautiful. Gray Elves are one of the most magically-oriented races (behind Mist Elves). They make powerful Wizards and good Archers. Dodge, Literacy, Stealth Neutral Average Very long
Dark Elf Dark Elves are cruel underground denizens that specialize in stealth and magic. They are excellent Rangers and Archers, but also make surprisingly adept Beastfighters and Paladins. They are not well-liked among the other races, and are particularly despised by dwarves. Alertness, Find weakness, Stealth Chaotic Average Very long
Dwarf Dwarves are a short, stocky race who dwell in underground caverns. They are physically strong, tough and often heavily armored. They make excellent Fighters, Paladins and Weaponsmiths, but can do well with any class, even Wizards. Detect traps, Metallurgy, Mining, Smithing Lawful Slow Long
Gnome Gnomes live in rolling hills. They are magically adept but still tough, and are deadly shots with crossbows. They are good Archers, Priests, and Elementalists. Gemology, Mining, Pick Pockets, Ventriloquism Neutral Very Fast Long
Hurthling Hurthlings are the smallest race, and are generally not prone to adventure. While not strong, they are sturdy and very dexterous. They make good Thieves, Monks, Archers and Assassins. Archery, Cooking, Food preservation, Gardening, Stealth Lawful Very Fast Above Average
Orc Orcs are a hateful, evil race that enjoy killing and pillaging. They are excellent Fighters and Barbarians. They also make surprisingly good Paladins and Priests. Backstabbing, Find Weakness, Metallurgy, Mining Chaotic Average Very short
Drakeling Drakelings are cold-blooded humanoids who are related to dragons and can breathe acid. Physically strong and tough, they are good Fighters but can excel at any class due to a low number of weaknesses. They are a popular choice for Mindcrafters. Alertness, Food preservation, Music, Swimming Neutral Slow Average
Mist elf Mist Elves are a challenging race to play because of their extremely low toughness. Total HP of less than 40 at level 10 is not uncommon. On the positive side, they are extremely good channelers of magic and take less damage from melee attacks than other races. Alertness, Concentration, Dodge, Literacy, Necromancy Neutral Slow Extremely long
Ratling Ratlings have decent melee stats and can quickly determine the relative worth of items, having both Appraising and Detect Item Status as racial skills. Like Humans, they are not the worst or best choice for any class. Appraising, Detect item status, Survival, Swimming Neutral Average Average