The Quickling Tree is a hidden location that can be found randomly by 's'earching any forest square in the western half of the wilderness (at least as far west as the Barbarian's Clearing). To enter (or leave) the Tree, the PC must have the Thin and nimble corruption, weigh no more than 10 kilos, and carry 160 stones or less. For races other than Hurthling and Mist elf, such light weight can only be achieved with the very light corruption (still a problem for male trolls who weigh 240 kg on average).

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
p Quickling queen Stands on top of the boots of great speed.
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
p Quickling Minion monster.
p Quickling lord Minion monster.
p Quickling king Minion monster.

Most of the Quickling Tree is packed with quicklings and quickling lords, with at least one quickling king and queen as well. The top half of the level consists of oddly shaped chambers, spelling the word "ZOOM". The bottom half of the level consists of a few rooms stuffed with quicklings, with a larger room at the end containing a quickling king and queen and the artifact boots of great speed. Most of the "rooms" in the level are sealed off from each other by secret passages, so the PC will need to 's'earch a lot to get around the level. Teleporting straight into the bottom half of the level is also an option, though due to the masses of quicklings down there, there is a very high chance of either choosing an occupied square or ending up helplessly surrounded by quicklings when trying to use teleportation.

Considering the difficulties and dangers in the Quickling Tree, many players don't even bother trying to explore it. Not only are the requirements for entering the Tree off-putting, but the equipment requirement means that it is difficult to enter the Tree well-prepared for the onslaught of quicklings that ensues. Such hordes can prove potentially lethal to PCs, due to their speed and high chances of hitting and penetrating the PC's armor. Time progresses at a faster rate inside the Tree, meaning that background corruption will probably have accelerated by the time the PC exits the Tree. Furthermore, the only item of interest in the level is a really dubious artifact.

The main incentive for exploring the quickling tree is the quicklings themselves, whose corpses grant a permanent bonus to Speed. For this reason it is recommended to bring a weapon with the "of hunting" suffix to increase corpse generation. Note that a long bow of hunting does not have this benefit when used on quicklings. Non-drakelings without sulphuric breath should also bring multiple stomacemptia herbs to avoid becoming bloated.



No quests are started in or require the PC to go to the Quickling Tree.