This page is a partial list of all quests in ADOM.

Most (but not all) currently active quests are listed in the Quest Journal, which can be accessed by pressing "q".

Name Name of quest giver Location given Notable rewards
Kill Guth'Alak Kherab Darkforge The Shield of raw steel
Kill Hotzenplotz Tywat Pare Terinyo A blessed Amulet of order; the Law skill if Kill Kranach quest is also completed
Kill Jharod Hotzenplotz Lawenilothehl The Healing and Bridge Building skills
Kill Keethrax Guth'Alak Terinyo Knowledge: Herbalism or Gardening; Power: spellbook of Frost Bolt and wand of cold
Kill Kranach Tywat Pare Terinyo 3000 Gold
Kill Thrundarr Kherab Darkforge The Amulet of raw steel
Kill Tywat Pare Hotzenplotz Lawenilothehl A blessed Amulet of chaos
Portal quest Thrundarr Dwarftown Access to the lower Caverns of chaos, many potions of extra healing
Rescue the Cute Dog Tiny Girl Terinyo Lawful boost, unlimited bits of plain candy, warm fuzzy feeling
Save Yriggs Rynt Terinyo The Bridge building skill, possibly also the Healing skill
Thieves' Guild Membership Quest Yergius Lawenilothehl Access to training in various skills, check Yergius article for details
Thrundarr's Quests Thrundarr Dwarftown Various rewards
Find Blup's Mom Blup Terinyo Rune-covered trident
Courage Quest Old Barbarian Old Barbarian's Glade Courage skill
Gaab'Baay's Quests Gaab'Baay High Mountain Village Crown of Chaos
Sharad-Waador's quest Sharad-Waador Unreal Cave Needle, various items
Filk Quest Assassin Prince Assassins' Guild Location of Scintillating Cave
Close the Chaos Gate Khelavaster Caverns of Chaos D:16 Winning the game
Obtain the Trident of the Red Rooster Clues are provided by various NPCs Various Trident of the Red Rooster
Kill Riurry Yrruir Beautiful Unicorn's Glade Once-off removal of all corruptions
Kill Yrruir Riurry Corrupted Unicorn's Glade 3-9 potions of gain attributes, 2 or 3 corruptions
Frog quest Pool Special Event Any Pool Appearance Enhancing Items
Ice Queen's Quests Ice queen Ice Queen Domain The throne room 4 xpotion of cure corruption, stat increase
Kill the Ice Queen Chaos diplomat Ice Queen Domain The grand hallway Various, fireproof blanket, eternium scimitar of mayhem