The Puppy Cave is a six-level dungeon in the north-east corner of the Drakalor Chain.

It can be found only after talking to the tiny girl and receiving the Rescue the Cute Dog quest.

Main Features[]

The Puppy Cave has three guaranteed Dungeon Features:

As with most dungeons, it may contain random features such as shops, beehives, altars, pools, herbs and rivers. There is no chance of other vaults except the one at PC6.


Obviously, with the Nest on level 2 come many giant ant workers, giant ant warriors, and a single giant ant queen.

The cute dog can be located somewhere on level 6 of the dungeon, and when found before day four has passed it will instantly become tame and follow the player around - and will also be a potential target for monsters. Beware.

The dungeon also contains many random monsters, as per usual for dungeons.


The majority of the Rescue the Cute Dog quest takes place in the Puppy Cave.