Pulsing power room is a special dungeon feature in ADOM that first appeared in version 1.2.0[1]. Like many other dungeon features they may only appear in randomized, generic levels such as the Unremarkable Dungeon and many levels in the Caverns of Chaos. When this type of room is generated on a level that the PC enters, the player is alerted with the message "You feel a surge of pulsing power!".

Pulsing power rooms are rooms that contain a random artifact in their centres, but are also full of monsters including a powerful named monster atop the artifact. The room is separated from the rest of the level and can only be accessed by means of digging, as with royal vaults. The room size is usually, if not always, 5x5.

Whilst the chance of a dungeon level generating a pulsing power room may be based on a fixed probability, unlike with surges of power[2], these rooms are very rarely generated so this probability may be assumed to be very low. Loose estimates (guesses made from observations) put such chance at about 1 in 100.

Whilst the regular monsters generated in a pulsing power room seem to usually comply with the level's danger level (more or less), the named artifact guardian may often be a type of monster that is completely out-of-depth relative to the dungeon DL (as well as being high leveled). Whether the type selected for the guardian is deliberately chosen to be out-of-depth or just completely chosen at random is not quite known. In any case, PCs must be very well prepared for any potential danger lurking inside — it is prudent to either prepare with 'sneaky' tactics to grab the artifact and leave without too much of a fight, or just leave the room untouched until later in the game.
Some examples of threats and rewards discovered in pulsing power rooms thus far: