Prayers in ADOM are requests to the PC's deity for particular favors, also referred to by the game as divine intervention. Praying costs piety, meaning that the more the PC asks their god for favors, the more displeased that god will become. It is thus recommended to sacrifice regularly to the PC's deity to increase their happiness before asking them for favors. Asking for divine help should usually be done as a last resort anyway, if the PC is in a dire situation and there are no other means of getting him/her out of it.

What for/When the PC can pray[]

  • Health below 50%: praying can restore the PC's health to full.
  • Hungry or worse: praying can bring the PC to 'Satiated'. This tends to be considerably more expensive, piety wise, than healing.
  • Incurable status conditions: Muteness, confusion, blindness, poison, stunning, deafness and being slowed can be cured by prayer. Muteness cannot be cured by any other means (though it is temporary).
  • Sickness: can be cured by praying, if the PC has a very high standing with their deity. The PC will usually have to pray after getting their health restored above 50%, else health will be restored by prayer instead.
  • In darkness: the PC can pray for light if they have no means of creating any
  • Low PP: PP can be restored to full by prayer
  • Cursed equipment: Praying above a certain piety level (usually very close or higher) can uncurse any cursed item the PC has equipped. Note that if the PC is wearing cursed items whilst praying in hope of a precrowning, this favor may be given instead of the precrowning.
  • Can't dig into elemental temples: PCs that are very close to their deity can pray for pick axes if they are on the level of an elemental temple with no means of digging.
  • Remove cursing/dooming: Can be done by prayer above a certain piety level. This prayer tends to be very expensive, and should only be done as a last resort (when the PC can't find an altar) since sacrificing to a deity that is very close to the PC will usually remove this for free.
  • Crowning
  • Precrowning/Post-crowning