Poisoned is a status condition in ADOM. It is generally the most common condition that the PC might face (aside from the different satiation and burden levels).

Effects on the PC[]

Whilst poisoned, after every few turns the PC will take damage ("You feel the poison coursing through your veins!"). The damage taken, and the frequency at which it occurs, seem to depend on the source of poisoning (if it was, e.g., from a centipede bite or by actually drinking poison). Intrinsic poison resistance helps by reducing the amount of damage that would usually be dealt by poison, and decreasing the duration of the condition. The frequency of damage also seems to decrease when the condition is due to wear off soon.

It is important to remember that counts of poisoning stack; this means that every time the PC is poisoned by a monster attack (etc.), even if (s)he already has the condition, the damage (s)he will take from poison increases. This affects how useful the spell Neutralize Poison is in these situations, as Neutralize Poison may cure some counts of poisoning but not always all of them.


  • Monster attacks: See the corresponding category. Note that unlike some other effects such as paralysis or sickness, poisoning will always occur if a monster capable of inflicting it injures the PC
  • Eating monsters: Eating imps, quasits or zombies will poison the PC. Obviously, any monster that leaves a 'poisoned <foo> corpse' (this tends to happen if the monster dies from poison) will poison the PC if eaten. Eating spiders or giant centipedes poisons, but usually also grants poison resistance.
    • Note that Dark Elves don't get poisoned by eating spiders.
  • Food and drink: Drinking a potion of poison, potion of oil or oil of rust removal will poison the PC. Eating a demon daisy will poison the PC if (s)he doesn't have poison resistance. PCs that are neither Dark Elven nor Trollish may be poisoned if they eat spider bread.
  • Misc: When walking through a web, there is a small chance of the PC being bitten by a swarm of tiny spiders and subsequently poisoned. (again, Dark Elves are immune to this)


  • Drinking a potion of cure poison or eating an alraunia antidote will completely remove all poison from the PC's body. Jharod and the gods can also offer this service.
  • Casting Neutralize Poison will cure about X/2 counts of poisoning that the PC has, where X is the PC's effectivity level with the spell. Thus, if the PC has been poisoned more than once, (s)he may have to keep casting the spell to completely cure the poison.
  • Slow Poison will treat all counts of poisoning that the PC has incurred, by decreasing the frequency at which the PC takes damage.
  • Whilst it doesn't necessarily cure or treat poison, first aid can be used to attempt to recover HP lost by poisoning. This is usually most PCs' main hope for survival when poisoned early in the game.

Effects on monsters[]

Poison is very effective at wearing down enemies or counteracting the regenerative powers of certain enemies. Like other statuses, though, it has no effect on undead or constructs.

It can be inflicted on monsters by the following means:

  • Weapons can be dipped in potions of poison, which will allow the PC to poison enemies on successful melee hits.
  • Zapping a wand of poison. Since its rays bounce, it can be used in closed environments to inflict multiple counts of poisoning in one turn.
  • If the PC has obtained the poison hands corruption, and is not wearing thick gauntlets, (s)he will poison enemies when attacking them in melee.