Plant is a type of monster in ADOM.

Plant category is the smallest among all monster types as it contains only four creatures: animated trees, shambling mounds, green slimes and green blobs. The trees and mounds share the following feature: PC cannot use ':s' command to swap places with them (even Monks and Beastfighters using their class powers), and are represented by 'P'. Green slimes and blobs are also considered as jellies.

Animated trees can only be found in Animated Forest. They are vulnerable to fire and lack any special traits except low KPL and efficient stat progression which makes killing them en masse a somewhat poor choice.

Shambling mounds are uncommon monsters without any special powers, except a unique ability to "grow" (i.e. increase maximum HP) when struck by lightning. They are still damaged by lightning-based attacks.


Black Thumb, Foeslammer and scorched spear possess a plant-slaying trait (all successful hits against plants are critical hits).

Sling bullets of plant slaying are also effective.

PCs with knowledge of the Woodcraft skill get a small increase to critical hit chance when attacking plant monsters[1].