Material required? No
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? Yes
Wishable Yes

Used to steal items from monsters and NPCs.

Manual info[]

This skill enables you to steal small items from the pockets of certain monsters. Not every monster will carry treasures around, not every treasure will be accessible and finally you always risk making your victim very angry (at least if your victim notices your attempt).


To use, just 'a'pply the skill towards a monster adjacent to you. Failure results in "You fail badly" or "-foo- notices your attempt and gets angry!". Success results either in "-foo- doesn't appear to have anything of value" or "You steal a -item-!". DL-appropriate items of up to 10s weight can be pickpocketed. Not every monster has pockets to be picked; humanoids usually do. Attempts to pick the pockets of monsters summoned by the player will always fail.

Stealing from non-hostile monsters is a chaotic act, but stealing from hostile monsters has no effect on alignment.

Advanced uses[]

Successfully applying Pick Pockets a number of times is one method of qualifying for membership in the Thieves' Guild.

Pickpocketing can be used as part of the Gremlin Bombing exploit in game versions prior to 1.2.0.


Races: Gnome

Classes: Merchant, Thief

Yergius, the master thief, will teach this skill to non-lawful PCs for free at the lowest skill level if the character is not a thieves' guild member and has not stolen anything from shops.

If granted thieves' guild membership before being offered training, the skill will cost 6000 to be granted via "p" training option.


Successfully applying.