Material required? thieves picks
80/100 giving extra checks? yes
Obtainable in game? yes
Wishable yes

The skill allows the PC to use thieves picks to lock and unlock doors.

Manual infoEdit

This skill allows the opening of locked doors, chests and hatches. To utilize it you need some kind of thieves picks. If a lock is trapped, the trap will probably be sprung unless you disarm the trap before picking the lock.


The manual correctly identifies practically all the traits of the skill:

  • A set of thieves picks is necessary to use the skill.
  • Even if the trapped door is successfully unlocked, the trap will be set off.
  • A failed attempt to unlock the door can likewise cause the trap to activate.

Pick locks skill can also be used for locking the door. Doing that is much safer than unlocking, although cursed thieves picks have a chance to trap the door.

Overall, the skill is generally inferior to practically all other methods of door interaction except for simply 'k'icking locked doors. The ability to lock the door may come to the player's advantage in a number of situation, typically involving trapping unwanted enemies or pacifying levels.

Advanced usesEdit

The skill can be used on an open door which will close and lock it one turn, which is similar to Magic Lock spell and faster than using keys. This can theoretically save the PC's life if (s)he is fleeing from a dangerous monster and every single action counts towards the final outcome.

Chaotic PCs with Pick locks skill can buy a set of thieves picks from Yergius for a price of 500 * <character level> gold pieces. Thieves will start the game with one set.

It seems that Mana trains if PC do not manage to unlock the door and not accidentally set off a trap.


None of the Races in ADOM start with lock picks and only Thieves and Assassins among all Classes are trained in it.

The skill, however, can be learned from Yergius for a price of 5000 gold pieces once the PC completes Thieves' Guild Membership Quest.


Successfully unlocking the doors.

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