Phase dagger ( ( )
Item Type Melee weapon
Artifact? No
Weight 5s
Danger Level 10
Material Iron

Phase daggers are a type of dagger which can penetrate armor. They otherwise have the same base stats and general vulnerabilities (to rusting, burning etc.) as regular iron daggers.

The base stats of a phase dagger are (+1, 1d4), though they can be generated with slightly higher or lower to-hit/damage modifiers. Phase daggers appear as gray daggers when unidentified.


Phase daggers can be very useful or useless, depending on the situation. They really shine against monsters with huge PV such as greater molochs, eternium golems, and the Ancient Stone Beast. On the other hand, their low damage makes them less useful against monsters with low PV, such as chaos mutants and air elementals.

Another point of consideration is that more powerful weapons can be generated with the 'of penetration' suffix, which may perform a lot better than phase daggers. However, phase daggers can be wished for, unlike affixed generic weapons.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

Phase daggers can be randomly generated as all other generic loot, though they appear to be very rare. Like swords of sharpness or maces of destruction, it is at least possible to wish for some.

Greater Identify information[]

----------------------------- gray dagger----------------------------

The gray dagger is actually an uncursed phase dagger (+1, 1d4).

When used in melee combat it grants a +1 bonus to hit and causes 1d4 points
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d4
points of damage.

It ignores all the protection of your opponents.