Pendant of mana ( ' )
Item Type Amulet
Artifact? No
Weight 3s
Danger Level 3
Material Iron

Pendants of mana give a bonus to your Mana stat. The most common bonus is +2, but in practice it appears to vary between +1 and +5. See the Common Stats section for details.


The usefulness of these pendants is debatable as the Mana stat is quite easy to train. However, any bonus does provide the player with more PP, making it helpful. Of course, there are better amulets out there that will most likely quickly replace a pendant of mana.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

They can be generated in the same manner as any loot.

Greater Identify information[]

------------------------ uncursed pendant of mana {Ma+2}-----------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d3 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d3
points of damage.

It modifies your mana attribute by +2.

Common Stats[]

Ascyron tested by wishing 1000 times for pendants of mana in a danger level five environment, with the following results:

Mana Boost # of amulets % Chance
Ma+1 29 1.0%
Ma+2 2618 86.3%
Ma+3 136 4.5%
Ma+4 144 4.7%
Ma+5 105 3.5%