In order to become a Paragon of Order, the PC must arrive at D:50 as a crowned champion of Law, without having committed any chaotic acts. The reward for completing this arduous task is the most powerful artifact girdle in the game: True Strength.

Paragon in 1.1.1[]

In version 1.1.1, the death of any lawful monster prevented the PC from becoming a Paragon. Since an aspiring Paragon will likely spend most of the game at lawful alignment, lawful monsters will be generated friendly, causing them to fight most other monsters. To make matters worse, there's no way to tell if a lawful monster has died off-screen. As a consequence of this requirement, the PC must save Khelavaster, as he is lawfully aligned.

Ultra Paragon[]

Due to the chaotic nature of some of the quests involved, both becoming a Paragon of Order and completing an Ultra Ending are almost mutually exclusive. A player who begins the game chaotic may, in fact, satisfy the demented ratling and Gaab'Baay's first quest, and then safely convert their alignment and obtain the Trident of the Red Rooster. Unfortunately, receiving the Medal of Chaos is a chaotic act, so it's necessary to lure Gaab'Baay to D:48 and finish her quest line after obtaining the girdle. Non-tame monsters do not follow the PC out of elemental temples if the downstairs are taken, so it's necessary to use the follower storage glitch to get her past these levels.

Potential Pitfalls in Becoming Paragon[]

The following is a list of activities that will cause the player to fail in achieving Paragon status. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but merely representative of some of the less intuitive measures required:


Upon reaching D:50 with all requirements satisfied, the PC will receive the artifact girdle True Strength as well as a significant boost to their Final score and an entry noted on their logfile. Since the PC has practically finished the game by the time the artifact is received, acquiring it is more a point of pride than anything else. Note that if the player commits a chaotic act after becoming Paragon, True Strength will slowly squeeze the PC to death.