Old barbarian
Location Old barbarian's clearing
Monster type Humanoid
Alignment Lawful
Unique? Yes, but wishable
Sees invisible? Yes
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance Low
Picks up items? Yes
1.1.1 KPL N/A

The old barbarian is an NPC found living in a small clearing in the mid-western part of the Drakalor Chain. He assigns the Courage Quest to lawful and neutral PCs, monitors their progress towards completing it, and rewards them when they do so. His feedback can be used by the player to help them remember the PC's first kill—when chatted to during his quest, he will either remark that the PC is showing promise if they have killed at least one more of their first kill, or remark that the PC is lazy if they haven't. If the PC is chaotic, the old barbarian will refuse to talk to them.

Special abilities[]

  • Occasionally shrugs off bolts and other resistible magic

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 12, PV: 12, Hits: 500, Attacks: 2, Damage: 11-20. Speed: 130

Corpse effects[]

The old barbarian does not seem to leave a corpse.

Monster memory[]

So old that his bald pate no longer shows even the memory of hair, his white beard hiding most of his body, and clad only in a bearskin, he somehow still gives the impression of power and cunning. Despite all the monsters you've faced and trials you've passed, you can't quite meet his gaze.