Location Griffyard
Monster type Humanoid
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? Yes
Sees invisible? Yes
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance High
Picks up items? Yes
1.1.1 KPL N/A

Nonnak, the master necromancer is found on the lower level of the Dwarven Graveyard, accompanied by a huge group of undead, as well as Griff Bloodax, the Undead chaos dwarven berserker. He is capable of casting cone of cold and summoning significant numbers of lesser undead. He also seems to regenerate about 2 health per turn and has a potent melee attack. He is also vulnerable to fire.

If the PC is highly resistant (2 rings) or immune (ancient mummy wrapping, crowning) to cold, it is a good idea to keep him at range while he futilely tries to damage him/her with frost bolts. Meanwhile, he can be attacked using missiles, bolt spells, or perhaps disabled with Stun Ray or mindcraft.

Special abilities[]

Common stats[]

Level: 2, DV: 35, PV: 0, Hits: 262, Attacks: 1, Damage: 18-36, Speed: 100.

Corpse effects[]

Nonnak doesn't leave a corpse.

Monster memory[]

The dreaded master necromancer is a creature of utter evil, even more sinister than 'normal' necromancers, for they have found ways to create even more powerful undead to serve them. Maddened by their horrible experiments, they have no concern for the living, striving instead to conquer the world.

Alternative: He has spent most of his life learning the dark arts of forcing the dead to serve him as slaves, and he won't allow you to stop his schemes of conquering a realm of his own. He has mastered enchantments that instill a deadly cold in his opponents and allow him to heal his wounds and increase his stamina. If you try to break his power, he'll send rows upon rows of his mindless slaves against you.