Neutralize Poison
School Clerical
Type Healing
Range N/A
Base cost 10
Equivalent item potion of cure poison

Neutralize Poison is a clerical healing spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to remove poisoning.

As its name implies, Neutralize Poison instantly stops poisoning effects induced on the caster. However, each casting will target only a limited number of individual effects. Multiple castings will be required to completely remove all poisoning if the PC was poisoned several times.

Note that potion of cure poison is more potent than the spell as it always completely removes all poisoning.


Neutralize Poison seems to become more potent with increased proficiency — whereas untrained spell cannot remove more than one poisoning effect per casting, Neutralize Poison trained to level X was able to remove as much as X / 2 effects (testing was performed with a level 50 Elementalist against a quickling queen). Note that the spell doesn't always show its maximum power (counting in removed poisoning effects) which means that the game likely uses dice rolls in efficiency calculation. Character attributes as well as level don't seem to affect efficiency or influence it very lightly.


  • Casting Neutralize Poison while not poisoned produces the message You feel your heart pumping like mad!
  • If Neutralize Poison removes poisoning completely, the message You feel relieved! is displayed
  • If Neutralize Poison does not remove all poisoning effects, the message You feel slightly better! is displayed