Network game is a mode in the Steam version, in which the difficulty of the monsters is dynamically adjusted based on how many of the player's Steam friends are playing ADOM. Monster DV, PV, HP, to-hit, and damage are multiplied by a factor. With no friends playing ADOM, the multiplier is 1.5. The minimum possible multiplier depends on the player's total number of Steam friends.

Total friends Minimum multiplier
0 1.4
1-10 0.8
11-80 0.5
81-160 0.35
161+ 0.1

Over 25% of the player's friends must be playing ADOM in order to avoid a difficulty increase, and well over 50% must be playing to decrease the difficulty. If the load mode option is used to play a network game with a non-standard monster difficulty setting, the adjustments to monster stats will stack multiplicatively.