This page contains a list of all the types of necklaces in ADOM.

While equipped, iron necklaces will cause 1 point of damage per turn to mist elf PCs. Assuming there are no other sources of iron damage, this can be negated by the Immune to Pain talent. Iron necklaces are marked with a gray background in the list below. Since necklaces are not pre-identified, the following appearances are made of iron: amber, bleak, blue, bronze, copper, electrum, golden, gray, iron, lead, platinum, splendid, steel, tarnished.

Common necklaces[]

Name Material Weight DL Notes
Amulet of balance Iron 3s 3 Reduces the effect of chaotic or lawful acts on alignment.
Amulet of chaos Adamantium 3s 13 Draws alignment toward C-; damages lawful players.
Amulet of the cold heart Iron 3s 5 Grants resistance to cold, reduces Charisma (base value: -12).
Amulet of death ray resistance Stone 7s 1 Grants resistance to death rays.
Amulet of defense Iron 3s 1 Grants a bonus to DV while worn (base value: +2).
Amulet of free action Iron 3s 5 Grants resistance to paralyzation.
Amulet of greed Iron 3s 1 Detects gold.
Amulet of health Nonmetallic 3s 5 Shortens time needed to recover from sickness.
Amulet of hunger Iron 3s 8 Autocursing; increases food consumption rate.
Amulet of life saving Iron 3s 2 Resurrects the PC if HP drops below 0; saves Khelavaster.
Amulet of light Glass 3s 1 Lights area around player.
Amulet of luck Iron 8s 5 Grants luck.
Amulet of order Adamantium 3s 13 Draws alignment towards L+; damages chaotic players.
Amulet of perseverance Iron 3s 1 Grants a bonus to Willpower (base value: +3).
Amulet of petrification resistance Stone 3s 1 Grants resistance to petrification.
Amulet of protection Mithril 3s 1 Grants a bonus to PV (base value: +2).
Amulet of protection from constructs Stone 3s 2 Unclear.
Amulet of protection from undead Wood 3s 2 Provides limited resistance against the banshee's wail.
Amulet of speed Iron 3s 5 Adds +3 to speed.
Amulet of teleport control Iron 3s 13 Grants teleportation control while worn.
Amulet of water breathing Iron 3s 15 Grants water breathing while worn.
Brass amulet Gold 3s 1 None.
Necklace of rabies resistance Nonmetallic 2s 2 Allows PC to eat rabid dog corpses without getting sick.
Necklace of the eye Iron 3s 1 Increases vision range.
Necklace of the silver tongue Nonmetallic 2s 4 Grants a bonus to Charisma (base value: +3).
Pendant of beauty Nonmetallic 3s 1 Grants a bonus to Appearance (base value: +4).
Pendant of mana Iron 3s 3 Grants a bonus to Mana (base value: +2).
Necklace of rapid healing Nonmetallic 2s 2 Greatly increases healing rate: multiplies HP regeneration frequency by a factor of 8/2/1 based on B/U/C status.

Artifact necklaces[]

Name Material Weight DL Notes
Amulet of indomitable life Nonmetallic 2s 25 Adds +4 to DV and +4 to PV, increases Toughness by 10, grants regeneration, grants resistance to poison and death attacks, grants disease immunity
Amulet of raw steel Iron 10s N/A Contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption; adds +3 to DV and PV and +12 to Perception, grants resistance to sleep, death rays and stunning; grants the ability to see invisible.
Ankh Gold 3s N/A Adds +2 to PV and +2 to DV; grants luck and makes Fate smile upon you.
Aylas Holy Scarf Nonmetallic 5s 30 Adds +10 to DV, +10 to PV and +6 to Charisma
Black torc Mithril 3s N/A Autocursing; grants fire, cold and lightning resistance and adds +10 to speed; returns when thrown and is an undead slayer
Medal of Chaos Nonmetallic 300s N/A Autocursing, contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption, dooms, curses; adds +12 to DV, +3 to PV and +12 to Appearance; grants resistance to petrification and stunning; grants the ability to see invisible and water breathing; necessary for ultra endings
Preserver Nonmetallic 3s 5 Grants luck, poison and paralyzation resistance, adds +4 to DV, +4 to PV and +7 to Willpower; grants regeneration ability.
Stone of the ages Nonmetallic 2s 14 Adds +3 to DV and +6 to PV, increases Learning by 6, can absorb a limited amount of aging attacks, grants resistance to paralysis, petrification, and death rays

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.