Mystic Shovel/Divine Digger
School Arcane, Clerical
Type Utility
Range Bolt
Base cost 100
Equivalent item wand of digging

Mystic Shovel is a utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to remove a line of walls in a specified direction.

Mystic Shovel is a very useful albeit expensive utility spell which allows for a number of tactics. These include the following:

  • Creating a passage to evade dangerous monsters or cats.
  • Creating a wide empty area to efficiently use webs, increased speed or various traps against boss monsters.
  • Pacifying levels.
  • Creating passages on levels for faster travel.

Mystic Shovel also allows the PC to enter Elemental Temples, royal vaults and other locations inaccessible via normal means.

Mystic Shovel doesn't work on undiggable walls.

Mystic Shovel also deals considerable damage to monsters made of stone, if they are within range of the beam. These monsters are: earth elementals, greater earth elementals, stone snakes, stone grues, living walls, stone golems, stone statues and wall beasts. This generates message "You punch a hole into the x" if in the line of sight, when out of LOS, the message is "You hear a crunching sound!". Killing the monster with it generates "The x is shattered!" (assuming monster is seen by the PC). Mystic shovel does not damage the Ancient Stone Beast.


Spell radius is dependent on the PC's Willpower score and proficiency with the spell. It, however, cannot be less than 2 or more than 10. The exact formula looks the following way:

max{2, min[10, (W + P) / 2]}


Unlike digging with a pickaxe, Mystic Shovel doesn't leave heaps of rocks or pieces of various ores (iron, mithril, adamantium or eternium); it also cannot wake up (i.e. summon) stone giants.