Mute is a status condition which can only affect the PC.

Effects on the PC[]

Muteness is a relatively harmless condition since it doesn't normally create life-threatening situations for the PC and can only be acquired through a deliberate action.

Muteness causes the PC to be unable to perform all the actions which require speech. These include:

PCs relying solely on magic will obviously face significant disadvantages, while other actions are normally less important.


Perhaps the most common way — and the only way possible in ADOM versions prior to 1.2.0 — to become mute is to eat a harpy corpse. Doing this will generate the following message — "Suddenly a big lump closes your throat!" The duration of the effect is random, but can be potentially quite significant (several hundred turns or more). Eating further harpy corpses while muted only results in a message about their taste being printed, and doesn't increase the amount of turns the PC will remain muted.

Muteness can also be caused by the effects of some certain magical statues.


There is no special item in the game which cures muteness. The only normal way to remove this effect is to simply wait it out. It is also possible to regain speech by divine intervention. It should be noted that removing muteness is not the top priority effect of prayers — the PC will need to be more or less healthy (in terms of current HP out of maximum HP percentage).