The monster memory is a feature in ADOM that allows players to recall information on any monster they have previously encountered. It can be accessed by pressing the ampersand key (&, or shift-7, shift-6 on for instance German keyboards).

It contains a description of the monster in question, and is otherwise based on the PC's observations. Information can include: PV, DV, HP, number of attacks, damage, speed, number killed, experience per kill, and any special attacks and abilities. Monster memory will sometimes contain inaccuracies due to being based on the PC's in-game knowledge; for instance, observing a monster getting teleported by a trap can result in "They are able to teleport." being added to monster memory.


  • Entering the PC's name or "me" into monster memory will give a description of the PC based on their current level, attributes, DV, and PV.
  • The monster memory has many "easter eggs": entries which can be viewed despite not having seen the monster. These include: Thomas Biskup, Matt Chatterley, Ronald Neumann, Katie Sehorn, Richard Fowler, Torsten Edelmann, Adam Taylor, John Michaud, Adam Rixey, David Loewenstern, Stefanie Woll, Dwight McDowell, Greg Wooledge, Chris Koeberle, Tom Nowacki, Chris Ingersoll, Laurence Brothers, Erwin Mascardo, and William Tanksley. In 1.2.0, Jochen, Ravenmore, Soundwizard, and Zeno were added. For more information, refer to the following table.