Moloch armor ( [ )
Item Type Body armor
Artifact? No
Weight 15000s
Danger Level N/A
Material Eternium

Moloch armor is a type of body armor that is occasionally dropped by molochs and greater molochs. At 15,000 stones, moloch armor is by far the heaviest known item in the game. Wearing it grants unsurpassed protection against damage, as well as fire immunity, but severely slows down the PC and their reflexes.

Typical stats for moloch armor is (-8, -16) [-30, +50], with penalties of -20 to speed and -20 to Dx. Each of these stats can be vary slightly — for example, it is possible to find moloch armor with less PV but also less severe stat penalties.

In its unidentified form, it appears as hulking armor.


The armor is completely useless to many PCs that find it, for the sole reason that they can't actually pick it up — short of wearing a blessed girdle of carrying and/or having a Strength score of over 40 or even 45, 15,000 stones is more than most PCs can physically carry, meaning that even if they drop their entire inventory such PCs will still be unable to pick it up. Strength of Atlas usually allows PCs, especially magically-proficient ones, to carry the armor and their other equipment too... though they'll have to be very careful and not let the spell wear off whilst they are carrying the armor.

Those PCs who are able to wear it (and don't mind perhaps not being able to carry much else) will get to continue their life as a moloch (armor-wise) — which has its clear advantages and disadvantages. A PV increase of approximately 50 is very handy for taking non-penetrating hits from strong monsters; the massive DV penalty incurred by wearing the armor means that it is often very easy for monster attacks to land, though, increasing the danger of penetrating hits and/or critical hits. The massive speed and dexterity penalties really don't help either when trying to evade monsters with penetrating attacks. In summary, whilst the armor might save the PC's life in a greater vault of red dragons, it is certainly not recommended to wear it in many other situations, at least not in the Bug Temple.

In 1.1.1, moloch armor could be used to lower speed and dexterity to make it easier to train these attributes. This has been fixed in 1.2.0. The DV reduction, however, can still be taken advantage of to train the shield skill.

Moloch armor is of particular interest to Weaponsmiths. Their level 6 class power to melt armor depends on the weight of the armor in question. Melting a moloch armor can render a few hundred eternium ingots. The armor is also smithable, which can correct the massive DV penalties, ironically making this extremely heavy item increase DV with enough work.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

Molochs and greater molochs sometimes drop moloch armor when they are slain, as will the emperor moloch. There is no other way of it appearing. Note that wishing for "moloch armor" doesn't work — eternium plate mail is generated instead.

Greater Identify information[]

--------------------------- hulking armor --------------------------------------
The hulking armor is actually uncursed moloch armor 
(-8, -16) [-30, +50] {Dx-20} (-20 spd).

When worn it modifies DV by -30 and PV by +50.
When used in melee combat it grants a -8 bonus to hit a causes 3d10 points 
of damage. 
When used as a missile it grants a -16 bonus to hit and causes 3d10+2 points 
of damage.

It modifies your dexterity attribute by -20.
It modifies your speed by -20.
It grants immunity to fire.