In-game description "Your eyes are shrouded by the mists of ChAoS."
Message when acquired "The mists of ChAoS shroud your eyes!"
Message when removed "The mists of ChAoS no longer cover your eyes."
Attribute changes -10 Perception
Other effects Grants see invisible intrinsic

Mists of ChAoS is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It grants the see invisible intrinsic, at the cost of a huge penalty to Perception.


Though it grants a quite useful intrinsic, there are quite a few other less harmful means of acquiring it. The significant loss of Perception is likely to have a noticeably serious impact on the PC's visibility range; additionally, if the PC's Perception falls as low as 1, the number of turns required for him/her to find a secret door/passageway by 's'earching increases dramatically. Some PCs (particularly Archers) might want to remove this quickly if they already have a source of see invisible.

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