All base and higher metal variants arrows, quarrels, sling bullets and scurgari as well as boomerangs and dark elven/black hurthling quarrels[1] in ADOM have a chance to be generated with a suffix. Non-standard ammunition, such as rocks, huge rocks can not be generated with suffixes.

Note that there are scurgari and sling bullets with unique suffixes which are separate items in the game (see the full list)

The following table contains all possible suffixes:

Suffix Effect Greater Identify Notes
of darkness Chance to blind target on successful hit On a hit it might blind its target. Does not work on undead, constructs
of hunting Increased chance of corpse generation Victims of this missile are more likely to remain behind as corpses. Heir gift for Archers is a stack of winged ammo of hunting
of slaying Automatic critical hits for monsters of any monster type All of its hits are critical hits.
of targeting +6 to-hit It is very finely crafted (+6 to hit, already figured in).
of thunder Chance to stun target on successful hit It hits with such might that the targets might be stunned.

Separate items[]

The following items are not suffixed but represent unique wishable items:

See also[]

  1. As of version 1.2.0 ([1])