Prefix Effect Greater Identify Notes
balanced +4 to-hit It is superbly balanced (+4 to hit, already figured in).
barbed +6 to-damage It is covered with wicked barbs (+6 to damage, already figured in).
delicate Increased chance to break It is very fragile and breaks easily.
griffon-feathered +4 range Its range is increased by 4 due to the magical feathers attached to it (already figured in).
penetrating Ignores target PV It completely ignores the protective measures of any target it hits.
unbalanced -8 to-hit It is very badly balanced (-8 to hit, already figured in).
unerring Always hits target (ignores target DV); always dissappears It always hits its target but can only be used once.
weighted +4 to-damage, 0.5x range It is weighted to cause more harm (+4 to damage, range halved, already figured in).
winged 3x range It has wings that triple its range (already figured in).

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