Milking refers to abusing the fact that certain monsters shoot/throw some weaponry which may or can not be gained by just killing them.

In cases of one handed weapon there is one weapon per monster limit, while missiles can be gained in heaps per single enemy. Both weapons and missiles have a base type listed in the table below (currently it is not possible to get arrows/quarrels of -foo- slaying), however, all available suffixes/prefixes are available.

The best strategy is running along a wall of room (with preferably close doors) allowing monster to follow. Keeping some space between character and monster is recommended but unnecessary. It is better not to do this in corridors with low level characters as you can easily end in unfavorable position without room to maneuver.

The following table lists all milkable monsters:

Monster type Milkable item Extra
Goblin rockthrower
Stone giant
Hill giant
Fire giant
Earth elemental
Stone giant lord
Fire giant king
Rock May drop a sling when killed
Caveman Club Single club
Ratling archer Quarrel May drop a light crossbow when killed
Orc scorcher
Hill orc
Orcish spear Single spear
Hill orc sergeant Orcish battle axe Single axe
Black hurthling Black hurthling quarrel May drop a hand crossbow when killed
Dark elven archer
Pixie archer
Quickling lord
Quickling king
Dark elven quarrel May drop a hand crossbow when killed
Large gnoll
Battle axe Single axe
Barbarian leader
Raider Lord
Arrow May drop a long bow when killed
Orc Orcish knife Single knife
Greater titan
Eternium quarrel
Arrow May drop a short bow when killed
Keethrax Sling bullet
Greater earth elemental
Ogre guardian
Huge rock May drop a sling when killed

Note that barbarian encounters in wilderness can practically net a large amount of arrows (including prefixed ammo) in short time.

Arrow and spear traps can also provide ammunition if triggered multiple time by monsters or by the PC with 'Ctrl-t' command. Triggering traps on yourself will always lead to a successful hit, however, with sufficient protection (in terms of PV) damage to PC may be nullified. Note that spear traps always produce base iron spears without any prefixes/suffixes.

Milking titans is generally not recommended (unless the PC is a level 32+ Archer) as the eternium quarrels shot by titans can inflict massive damage on the PC and have quite high to-hit.

Though not milking in the strictest sense of the term, giant ant workers and other digging monsters can be similarly milked for rocks by allowing them to dig out large sections of a dungeon level.