Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

The only way (for non-Weaponsmiths) to identify what metal stuff is made of. It also provides a chance to automatically identify ingots and ore.

Manual info[]

This skill is automatically used. When you discover metal ingots, it allows for automatic identification (not always, but...). It is of great importance to Weaponsmiths. It can also be actively used to determine the type of metal an item is made from (the item needs to be identified for this). The higher your skill score is, the more detailed the results will be.


Since material knowledge can be obtained by experience or reading guidebook or this wiki, the skill is considered to be useless; especially since this knowledge is not even required to smith (you can keep guessing which ingot to apply, without penalties).

Advanced uses[]

On testing it does not affect mining results (turns used, ore, rocks, giants, huge rocks produced). Although spontaneous rises of skill in areas with ants were reported and received in testing [char simply went to PC2 casted darkness and never moved from stairs, a thousand turns later metallurgy was increased]. It is to be assumed that this occurs since metallurgy checks for ore identification are made upon creating the ore, not the character seeing it or picking it up.

At high levels this can be used on items to check their material (so you can learn that djinni rings and sis are made of adamantium, although all leather, wood, etc goes as "non-metal").

Worst of all, it cannot be applied on unidentified items. Which kills any potential use it could have in helping to identify items with unclear weights.

In summary, there remain no real uses for this skill. Note that at level 25 Weaponsmiths get the ability to automatically determine the material of any metal item they come across — making the skill absolutely useless to them.


Races : Dwarf, Orc
Classes: Elementalist, Fighter, Merchant, Weaponsmith


Geting involved with lots of ore, ingots, digging on level, probably actively using to check items material.