Suffix [of x] Effect Greater ID Notes
corruption Corrupts opponent It causes corruption in addition to wounds. Scythe of corruption should not be confused with Moon Sickle
damnation Dooms PC Wearing it makes you doomed. Easy to remove source of dooming
defense +6 DV using defensive or lower tactics It grants a +6 DV bonus when fighting defensively, very defensively or cowardly. Halberds of defense are a separate type of weapon
devastation +4 damage dice, +6 damage No special line, only the stats are listed as normal One of the most desired suffixes, as the damage increase is very high. Two-handed eternium weapons with this suffix can rival the strongest Artifacts in terms of raw power.
fumbling Abuses Dexterity while wielded It slowly drains your dexterity.
hunting Increases chance of corpse generation It increases the chance for slain enemies to remain as a corpse. Whether it only works on animals like the longbow of hunting (which is a separate item) or any monster is not clear
lightning +2d6 lightning damage It causes +2d6 lightning damage on a successful hit. To be "a successful hit" the regular damage must be enough to pass the target's PV, and then the elemental damage triggers
mayhem +2 damage dice, +6 damage No special line, only the stats are listed as normal
might +2 Strength, +2 Toughness It grants a +2 bonus to Strength and Toughness
penetration Bypasses monsters PV It ignores all the protection of your opponents. Does not cause extra messages like a Phase dagger; Heir gift for Thieves
power +20% power points It increases your magical powers by 20%. Staves of power are different item, existence on other weapons questionable
slaughtering +1 damage die, +2 to dice value Its damage die has been increased by +2 and it causes one extra die of damage when hitting an opponent. Prior to v. 1.2.0, Greater Identify mistakenly described the modification as 2 extra damage dice and +1 to dice value
surrendering Abuses Willpower while wielded It slowly drains your willpower.
the eagle +5 speed, +4 Perception It grants a +4 bonus to Perception and a +5 bonus to speed. Recommended for something like crossing dwarven halls, if seeing farther and running faster is more important than combat power.
the sun Double damage to undead It causes double damage against undead. Very useful in places where a lot of undead are encountered, such as the graveyards; bless for additional 1.5x damage increase; mace of the sun is the Heir gift for Priests
the void Occasionally makes enemies flee No special line When constantly used, annoying as you have to chase down the monsters to get XP and loot. In ASCII mode appears as black weapon on the floor. Angers shopkeepers. Useful for Archers.
thunder Might stun opponent It hits with such might that targets might be stunned
vampirism Drains Hit points and causes some alignment drop on successful hits It drains the life force of your opponents and transfers it to you. Seems to restore 1 to 7 HP.
weakness Abuses Strength while wielded It slowly drains your strength.

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