You can identify items with relative ease using a scroll of identify, especially when it is blessed. However, such scrolls are not always at the player's disposal at times of need.

This is where a material-based identification method can come in useful. Many worn items in ADoM are restricted to certain types of material, such as wood, iron, or gold. While the unidentified names for these items can often vary, their material type remains static between games. Interestingly, the unidentified names themselves are also tied to the material type, and thus it is possible to narrow the possibilities for many unidentified objects purely by comparing lists of unidentified and identified item materials.

This page provides a resource in the form of lists of unidentified object names and their material types, and of material types and the items that may have those types, along with further methods of narrowing the range of possible items beyond this.

Bear in mind that many special items may also have different weights to the rest of their kind, and there are only a few prefixes and suffixes which adjust weight, and always by a set amount, so its always worth checking the item lists to get a better range of which item it could be. In particular, magic girdles can almost entirely be told apart from their normal counterparts just by their weight.

Note that Mist Elves face a particular hazard when it comes to identification. Iron items will cause significant damage per turn while worn, and if the PC is unable to remove a cursed iron item, it will likely result in a rapid death. If the player isn't certain about what metal a particular object is, they are advised to avoid trying to equip-ID it unless they have a means to uncurse immediately.


Bracers are, in general, harmless and/or helpful. Furthermore, bracers do not serve to trap any other item. Thus the risk of cursed bracers is not a great concern, and it is generally advisable to equip the first pair of bracers that you find, with the exception of brass bracers.

Material Unidentified name pool Weight Item Auto-identifies on equip?
Cloth Linen bracers 8s Bracers of resilience Yes
Gold Brass bracers 10s Brass bracers N/A
Gold Copper bracers
Electrum bracers
Jeweled bracers
Silver bracers
White bracers
8s Bracers of empowerment Yes
Bracers of piety Yes
10s Bracers of defense Yes
Bracers of protection Yes
Bracers of purity Yes
Iron Bronze bracers
Iron bracers
Steel bracers
10s Bracers of resistance No
Bracers of speed Yes
18s Bracers of regeneration Yes
Leather Broad bracers
Curled bracers
Leather bracers
8s Bracers of boxing Yes
Bracers of lifting Yes
Bracers of precision Yes
Mithril Massive bracers 20s Bracers of strength Yes
Wood Bone bracers 10s Bracers of toughness Yes


Rings are generally safe to equip immediately, especially at low DL. At worst, PCs will be stuck with a cursed Ring of the fish. Note that at low DL, rings in the adamantium group will always be rings of damage, and, if cursed, reduce the PC's melee capacity. Equipping on the left hand can minimize this effect.

At higher DL, it may be prudent to ID unknown rings with a scroll first, as equipping a Ring of weakness or Ring of doom could have lethal consequences.

Material Unidentified name pool Item Auto-identifies on equip?
Adamantium Ordinary ring
Opal ring
Onyx ring
Adamantium ring
Ring of djinni summoning No
Ring of fire No
Ring of damage No
Ring of slaying No
Stone Jade ring
Marble ring
Ring of cold resistance No
Ring of invisibility Yes
Wood Wooden ring Ring of fire resistance No
Nonmetallic Nograin ring Wedding ring No
Nonmetallic Brass ring Brass ring N/A
Mithril Mithril ring Ring of ice No
Gold Amber ring
Black ring
Bronze ring
Copper ring
Coral ring
Glowing ring
Golden ring
Peridot ring
Ruby ring
Scratched ring
Silver ring
Ring of defense Yes
Ring of doom Yes
Ring of gain attribute Yes
Ring of karmic absorption No
Ring of levitation Yes
Ring of luck No
Ring of protection Yes
Ring of regeneration Yes
Ring of searching No
Ring of see invisible No
Ring of teleport control No
Iron Agate ring
Aquamarine ring
Electrum ring
Emerald ring
Iron ring
Fire opal ring
Plain ring
Topaz ring
Vibrating ring
Ring of acid resistance No
Ring of elemental mastery No
Ring of minor elemental mastery No
Ring of mental stability Yes
Ring of speed Yes
Ring of stun resistance No
Ring of the clear mind No
Ring of the fish No
Ring of weakness Yes


The most dangerous amulet is certainly the amulet of hunger. Therefore, care should be taken with any Iron amulet. However, it is generally fairly safe to identify amulets by equipping them.

Material Unidentified name pool Weight Item Auto-identifies on equip?
Adamantium Obsidian amulet 3s Amulet of chaos No
Glass Glass amulet 3s Amulet of light No
Gold Brass amulet 3s Brass amulet N/A
Iron Amber amulet
Bleak amulet
Blue amulet
Bronze amulet
Copper amulet
Electrum amulet
Golden amulet
Gray amulet
Iron amulet
Lead amulet
Platinum amulet
Splendid necklace
Steel amulet
Tarnished amulet
3s Amulet of balance No
Amulet of defense Yes
Amulet of free action No
Amulet of greed No
Amulet of hunger No
Amulet of life saving No
Amulet of perseverance Yes
Amulet of speed Yes
Amulet of teleport control No
Amulet of the cold heart No
Amulet of water breathing No
Necklace of the eye No
Pendant of mana No
8s Amulet of luck No
Mithril Silver amulet 3s Amulet of protection Yes
Stone Marble amulet
Onyx amulet
Opal amulet
Ruby amulet
Stone amulet
3s Amulet of order No
Amulet of petrification resistance No
Amulet of protection from constructs No
Pendant of beauty Yes
7s Amulet of death ray resistance No
Nonmetallic Coral necklace
Leather amulet
Pearl necklace
Shining necklace
2s Necklace of rabies resistance No
Necklace of rapid healing No
Necklace of the silver tongue Yes
3s Amulet of health No
Wood Bone amulet 3s Amulet of protection from undead No


The most dangerous type of wand to use-ID is wand of ball lightning, which is a 4s wooden wand. Keep in mind that many of the other wands also produce bolts which bounce off of walls.

Material Unidentified name pool Weight Item Auto-identifies on use?
Eternium Glowing wand 3s Wand of wishing Success only
Glass Glass wand 3s Wand of door creation Success only
Stone Marble wand
Obsidian wand
Stone wand
3s Wand of earthquakes Yes
Wand of fireballs Yes
Wand of poison Success only
Iron Brass wand
Bronze wand
Golden wand
Iron wand
Ironwood wand
Purple wand
Silver wand
Steel wand
Tin wand
3s Wand of magic missiles Yes
Wand of monster creation Success only
Wand of trap detection Success only
4s Wand of cold Yes
Wand of fire Yes
Wand of light Yes
Wand of lightning Yes
Wand of teleportation Success only
6s Wand of gold detection Yes
Wood Black wand with white tips 3s Wand of bunny summoning Yes
Wood Bone wand
Brittle wand
Cedar wand
Copper wand
Curved wand
Crystal wand
Ebony wand
Ivory wand
Oak wand
Pine wand
Softwood wand
Teak wand
Twisted wand
Wooden wand
Willow wand
3s Wand of death Success only
Wand of destruction Yes
Wand of digging Success only
Wand of Grond No
Wand of far slaying Yes
Wand of item detection Yes
Wand of knocking Success only
Wand of monster detection Yes
Wand of paralyzation Success only
Wand of stunning Success only
Wand of trap creation Success only
Wand of webbing Yes
Wand of wonder Yes
4s Wand of acid Yes
Wand of ball lightning Yes


UnIDed potion name IDed potion name
Brown Berzio potion
Orange Potion of carrot juice
Watery Potion of water
White Oil of rust removal