Manacles of
( ~ )
Item Type Bracers
Artifact? Yes
Weight 60s
Danger Level 3
Material Gold

The manacles of madness are a non-guaranteed pair of artifact bracers. They are autocursing, provide teleportitis, boost Learning, and increase the amount of PP regenerated per tick by 1. They appear as manacled bracers when unidentified.


For spellcasters with teleport control, they are quite useful as they effectively double the rate of PP regeneration in the absence of other item or class bonuses (which do stack with the bracers' bonus). Without teleport control, they are aptly named; the combination of autocursing and teleportitis is quite aggravating.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

They can be granted as a precrowning gift or a reward for making use of a potion of uselessness, generated in a surge of power or greater vault, or generated as random loot (albeit very rarely).

Greater Identify information[]

------------------ cursed manacles of madness [-4, +4] {Le+5}-----------------

They are an artifact.

When worn they modify DV by -4 and PV by +4.
When used in melee combat they grant a +2 bonus to hit and cause 1d10+2 points of damage.
When used as a missile they grant a -4 bonus to hit and cause 1d6 points of damage.

They modify your learning attribute by +5.
They are a permanently cursed item.
They enhance power point regeneration.
They grant resistance to acid.
They grant teleporting powers.
They grant the ability to see invisible things.