The Mana Temple is a special dungeon level found on the last level of the Unreal Caves (which are entered on level 46 or 47 of the Caverns of Chaos). The left side of the level consists of a few randomly generated rooms; whilst the right side, in which the temple itself lies, always has a fixed structure that is constant between games. The temple contains the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana — which is carried by Nuurag-Vaarn, the Chaos Archmage.

Upon entering the Mana Temple for the first time, you receive the message "Some strange energy fills the air causing your skin to itch."

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
@ Nuurag-Vaarn Guards the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana. Sits on the chaotic altar.
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
^ Trap Seriously annoying series of traps.
C Annihilator Minion monster.
C Chaos Servant Minion monster.
C Chaos Wizard Minion monster.
e Magebane Eye Minion monster.
e Magedoom Eye Minion monster.

The left side of the level contains a few random dungeon rooms, which never seem to have any dungeon features. The right side of the level is sealed off by walls with no secret passages; instead, the PC must dig through the rock using a pick axe or magical means (Mystic Shovel spell or wands of digging). PCs with a very high standing with their deity can pray for a pick axe in an elemental temple, if they don't have one. Level 13 and higher Monks as well as level 50 Elementalists can use their class abilities (kicking walls and burrowing through stone respectively). The entire level itself is a no-teleport area.

The Mana Temple is harder to get into than the other temples, as it is surrounded by two separate layers of undiggable walls that have one rock that can be passed through only by 's'earching. To get through the first rectangle of undiggable rocks, the PC must dig around it until they reach its southwest corner and search to open the way. The space between the two rectangles of rock is completely trapped — with a trap on each square. The PC must get through all of these — preferably with the help of wands of trap detection or the appropriate skill — to reach the west side of the rectangle of rocks that encompasses the temple itself. Also, throughout the PC's journey around the rocks, magebane eyes and magedoom eyes in the temple will constantly drain PP. When the west side of the rocks is searched, a passage will open into the temple.

The center room contains Nuurag-Vaarn who carries the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana, as well as some chaos wizards, annihilators, magebane eyes, and magedoom eyes. The PC is also likely to encounter hordes of chaos servants, greater chaos servants, and writhing masses of primal chaos summoned by chaos wizards. As with all temples, there is a chaotic altar on the right side of the center room.



Khelavaster assigns the PC to collect an Orb from each of the five elemental temples and reach the Chaos Gate; thus it is necessary to visit the Mana Temple to achieve any sort of victory.