Mana is one of the main attributes in ADOM.

Effects Edit

  • Mana is the prime determinant for power points per level; one power point per level is given (+9 PP at level 10, +19 PP at level 20, and so on) at Mana of [2]/6/16/20/24/... (+4 Mana for next check; 2 Mana check point had weird behavior on testing).
  • Magical resistance, except for confusion attacks, which use Willpower.
  • Mana improves the chance to avoid being affected by Strength and Toughness-draining melee attacks. In the absence of bad luck:
  • Mana improves the chance to avoid being confused by doppelganger imitation. In the event that the Mana check fails, Raven-born PCs have an additional chance to resist the confusion. In the absence of bad luck:
  • Mana improves the chance to avoid being affected by slowing melee attacks. In the absence of bad luck:

A starting Mana score of 18 or higher grants an additional talent. The manual also lists Mana as controlling your character's luck.

How to train it Edit

Casting spells Edit

The easiest way to train your Mana is by casting spells. The amount of training depends on the spell cost.

Necromancy Edit

Every time the PC makes a slave, they will lose 1 or more points of Mana; however, the use of necromancy will also train the Mana stat by ~1.25 points for each point lost. Hence, for approximately 4 points of Mana lost to necromancy, the player can eventually expect to get 5 back.

Leveling up Edit

Like all attributes, Mana is trained slightly every time the PC levels up.

How to raise it Edit

Stat potions Edit

Potions of mana and potions of gain attributes can be used to increase Mana. There is no soft or hard cap for using these; blessed potions of gain attributes give +1 (to all other stats also), uncursed potions of mana give +1, blessed potions +2.

Eating Corpses Edit

Corpses only partially affected by potential: Keriax, Nuurag-Vaarn

Corpses that ignore potential: Kobold shaman, Keethrax, Snake from Beyond, Yulgash, Ultimate doppelganger (trolls only), all spellcasting monsters (separate from any other corpse effects)

Starsign Edit

The Wand starsign increases your Mana by two, and Salamander increases it by three.

Class powers Edit

  • Bards receive +6 Mana as part of their level 50 class power.

Talents Edit

The "Fey-Blooded" talent that is only available at the start of the game increases initial Mana by 2.

Corruption Edit

The voices of cHaOs corruption increases Mana by 2. PCs also receive a Mana bonus based on their alignment and the number of corruptions they have (+1 per 2/3/4 corruptions at chaotic/neutral/lawful).

Age gradually enhances the stat.

How to abuse It Edit

Casting spells from HP Edit

Casting spells from HP heavily abuses Mana.

Corruption Edit

Luckily, there are no corruptions that negatively impact Mana.

Items Edit

Several items in the game will grant a Mana bonus if worn (standard bonus in brackets). These include:

Requirements Edit

Mana Required for
10 Potent aura
12 Strong aura
15 Mighty aura, Strong magic
16 Charged
24 Extended magic