Magic staves are a special type of two-handed weapon. They have effects that can be activated once by using or zapping them. Once activated, they will gradually recharge. Broken staves cannot be activated. Multiple staves of the same type work independently. The staves which need to be equipped to gain their effect can be wielded again if unequipped/disarmed and will grant their effect if its duration has not run out. Magic staves are subject to the mana battery corruption.

Staves have a base recharge turn timer that depends on the status of the staff: blessed staves recharge 4 times as fast as uncursed staves, and uncursed staves recharge 2 times as fast as cursed staves. If the PC wields a staff when it is zapped, the recharge time is halved. If the PC has more than 100 speed, both the duration of the recharge time and any active effect will be multiplied by speed/100. The following actions will deduct additional turns from the timer:

  • Wielding the staff
  • Attacking a monster with the staff
  • Hitting a monster with the staff
  • Critically hitting a monster with the staff
  • Killing a monster with the staff

All magic staves appear as a quarterstaff when unidentified. They cannot be activated until they have been identified.

Magic staves are counted as basic melee weapons, and thus can be generated with prefixes and suffixes. For instance, it's possible for a flaming staff of strength and devastation to be generated. Magic staves benefit from and train the Staves weapon skill.

Name Default stats Weight Material Effect Base recharge Special Tile
Staff of minor volcano summoning (+0, 1d10) 40s Stone Creates magma in an ajacent square 750/3000/6000 Grants fire immunity Item757
Staff of strength (+2, 2d6+2) [+0, +1] {St+3} 50s Mithril Temporarily boosts strength 500/2000/4000 Item741
Staff of learning (+0, 1d8) {Le+2} 15s Wood Temporarily boosts learning 1250/5000/10000 Item742
Staff of willpower (+4, 1d10) {Wi+4} 30s Iron Temporarily boosts willpower 937/3750/7500 Item743
Staff of dexterity (+2, 2d5) [+3, +0] {Dx+3} 20s Mithril Temporarily boosts dexterity 812/3250/6500 Item744
Staff of toughness (+0, 2d7) [+0, +3] {To+4} 60s Eternium Temporarily boosts toughness 1500/6000/12000 Grants disease resistance Item745
Staff of charisma (+0, 1d10) {Ch+4} 35s Gold Temporarily boosts charisma 500/2000/4000 Item746
Staff of beauty (+0, 1d10) {Ap+6} 10s Glass Temporarily boosts appearance 1000/4000/8000 Item747
Staff of perception (+2, 1d10) {Pe+3} 40s Mithril Temporarily boosts perception 937/3750/7500 Item748
Staff of mana

(+1, 1d10+2) [+1, +0] {Ma+4}

40s Wood Temporarily boosts mana 1875/7500/15000 Item749
Staff of the thunderclap (+4, 1d12+2) 40s Wood Stuns nearby monsters, deafens PC 500/2000/4000 Item750
Staff of sensing traps (+0, 1d10) [+1, +0] 39s Wood Reveals traps on the current level 375/1500/3000 Item751
Staff of unearthing secrets (+0, 1d10) {Pe+1} 39s Wood Reveals secret doors around the PC 1250/5000/10000 Improves your searching capabilities Item752
Staff of the swirling mind (-2, 1d10) [+2, +0] {Wi-1} 42s Wood Emits a confusion wave 1250/5000/10000 Grants confusion resistance Item753
Staff of rejuvenation (+0, 1d10) 37s Wood Removes some artificial aging 12500/50000/100000 Item754
Staff of hair loss (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood PC becomes bald, reducing appearance by 3 125/500/1000 Item755
Staff of the earthshaker (+0, 3d6) 60s Stone Causes an earthquake 971/3885/7770 Item756
Staff of corruption dissemination (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Corrupts the PC and monsters within a large ball, chance to curse items on the ground 100/400/800 Item740
Staff of dampening (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Prevents monster and PC spellcasting for a few turns 500/2000/4000 Wands and mindcraft work normally, Monsters can summon as it is not a spell. Item758
Staff of recovery (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Heals the PC 2500/10000/20000 Item759
Staff of nourishment (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Increases satiation 625/2500/5000 Item760
Staff of pain (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Temporarily increases staff's chance of a critical hit 500/2000/4000 Item761
Staff of undead slaying (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Staff deals double damage to undead for a few turns 625/2500/5000 Slays undead Item762
Staff of mundane insights (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Acts as a potion of training 2500/10000/20000 Item763
Staff of magical insights (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Grants or improves knowledge in a random spell 2500/10000/20000 Item764
Staff of prayers (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Reduces the piety cost of prayers for a few turns while equipped 2500/10000/20000 Item765
Staff of regeneration (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Grants an additional source of regeneration for a few turns while equipped 2500/10000/20000 Grants regeneration Item766
Staff of purification (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Removes corruption 2500/10000/20000 Item767
Staff of parting water (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Dries up water in a line 250/1000/2000 Item768
Staff of levitation (+0, 1d10) 40s Wood Grants levitating for a few turns while equipped 500/2000/4000 Item769