Magic Map/Clairvoyance
School Arcane, Clerical
Type Utility
Range N/A
Base cost 40
Equivalent item scroll of magic mapping
crystal of knowledge

Magic Map is a utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to reveal unexplored parts of the level.

Magic Map is relatively useful, albeit expensive spell that allows for more flexible and faster exploration of dungeon levels. Each casting will reveal a portion of unexplored tiles on the level. Magic Map seems to target each tile individually checking whether it should be revealed or not; this leads to a more or less uniform distribution. Thus, even the first casting will allow the player to identify room structure of the level and predict the location of points of interest (staircases, shops, etc.)

While Magic Map is great for revealing the most vague picture of the level, it severely lacks in pin-point accuracy. Thus, attempting to use this spell to find the down staircase on the VDDL, altars, forges and other small objects is unlikely to provide results quickly and effectively.

As mentioned above, scrolls of magic mapping and crystals of knowledge can be used to replicate the effect of the spell. These items work in exact same way as the spell if they are cursed or uncursed, but are much more effective when blessed revealing the whole level at once.

Magic Map is not trained when no new parts of the level are revealed.


Magic Map coverage doesn't seem to be dependent on either spell proficiency or PC's attributes or level.



  • Casting Magic Map and successfully revealing some level parts will generate "You suddenly remember formerly unknown locations." message
  • Casting Magic Map and not revealing any new level parts (even if some are still unexplored) will generate "You don't receive any insights." message