Lucky is a luck increasing intrinsic. It can be obtained through

  • pool sipping (granted with message "You feel lucky")
  • eating a karmic being corpse if no cursed, doomed or lucky intrinsic present
  • reading a scroll of luck if no cursed or lucky intrinsic present
  • sacrificing on a co-aligned altar. ("You feel an inner strength lifting your spirits!", or "You feel spiritually elated!", depending on piety level reached)
  • wearing/wielding certain equipment - rings of luck, ankh, amulet of luck, preserver, purifier, bracers of war, true strength.
  • Starting character on special real-world calendar days:
    • July 2nd
    • August 30th
  • magical statues, e.g.:
    • arthropod with octopus head — step on (for chaotics only)
    • barrel-chested man — gives karmic effect when stepped on (perhaps not guaranteed to grant luck)
    • giant frog from pure emerald — step on
    • huge golden horseshoe — step on
    • black cat riding unicorn — step on

Lucky overall is rather weak effect, but can give small positive effects (see: luck).