Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? Granted
Wishable N/A

Notifies you of dungeon features and events on your current dungeon level.

Manual info[]

This skill provides messages related to various dungeon features or activities (such as when monsters set off traps nearby). It is performed automatically.


Higher skill level will provide you with messages regarding shops, traps, tension rooms, rivers and so on with a greater likelihood. The higher your Listening score, the sooner you will be aware of the features, on average.

Advanced uses[]

A maxed-out listening skill will significantly increase the number of messages you receive; testing was performed using tension rooms.

Listening is also primarily responsible for the special message received upon killing a cat, even if you are blind or in a dark room (listening likely refers to the pathetic moan).

Significantly, your listening skill does not affect the range at which the banshee's wail is deadly.

Unsurprisingly, deaf, stunned or confused characters will fail all listening checks.


Granted to every character. Elves and many classes get additional training.


While the arena or Dwarftown are areas that will produce enough messages to thoroughly train the skill, it is rarely necessary to go out of your way. Passive training will occur on virtually every dungeon level, and the skill will very frequently increase on its own. Because of this and the fact that there is little direct benefit to the skill, skill advances are generally best spent elsewhere.