The Sinister Library of Niltrias is a hidden location in the game that can only be accessed by a journey through the Rift. It features numerous scrolls and spellbooks, as well as an option of receiving five valuable scrolls of corruption removal. Due to its dangerous nature and that accessing it requires the PC to have already met the entry requirements to the Rift, though, many players avoid this area entirely. In order to access the Library, the player must have a climbing set. If their set is destroyed during their fall down the Rift (or the player neglects to bring one), then they will have to either buy one from the ratling dealer or leave the Rift and return with one.

Main FeaturesEdit

Symbol Name Notes
G Ghost Librarian Contains the artifact weird tome.
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
] Climbing set Useful for getting out of the Rift.
? Scroll or Spellbook Has a monster guarding each one.

The main feature of the library is the large assortment of scrolls and spellbooks available. What a character finds in the library depends on their class — Wizards find only spellbooks, while some sections of the library will contain scrolls instead for other character classes. Wizards and Necromancers, furthermore, will find one of every single spellbook in the game, including the rare (though not terribly useful) spellbook of Wish. Non-magical classes are likely to benefit more from scrolls than spellbooks anyway, although members of other magically-talented classes might feel somewhat irritated to discover fewer spellbooks than a Wizard does.

The areas labelled Secret Room I and II on the map below seem to have books for all classes, and there is a spare climbing set located at the end of the hall in the lower Secret Passage. Note that each book/scroll is guarded by a random guardian of somewhat high danger level — ancient black dragons, berserker emperors, master liches, or mimic hiveminds, for example. Any monster that uses an elemental attack, such as vortices or dragons, must be treated with particular care if the player wishes to avoid damage to valuable spellbooks.

The second feature of note in the library is the presence of the Ghost Librarian near the entrance. He is non-hostile and can be talked to. This will typically result in merely asking the PC to be quiet. However, if the PC has spent at least 2000 consecutive turns in the Library without making noise and then 'c'hats with the Librarian, he will congratulate the PC on being quiet and will offer a quest to deliver the weird tome to the Mad minstrel. Accepting the quest will place the weird tome in the PC's equipment. The reward for this quest is provided by the minstrel himself and consists of 5 cursed scrolls of corruption removal.

Players should note that the mechanics of "being silent" are not yet fully understood. The following conditions appear to be required to successfully obtain the weird tome:

  • The PC must not 'c'hat to monsters for at least 2000 turns without leaving the Library.
  • The PC must have the Stealth skill at 100; it also seems that this check is performed when the PC first enters the Library and failing it at that moment might break the quest completely.
  • The PC must not have the babbling mouth corruption since it nullifies the Stealth skill; it is possible that entering the Library for the first time with this corruption might break the quest as well.

Contrary to what might be expected, casting spells in the Library does not break the silence check despite requiring the PC to speak (as per in-game lore and the mechanics of being mute).

Some pains must be taken to ensure the safety of the Ghost Librarian, because being non-hostile, he may be attacked by other monsters. It is prudent to use a wand of door creation to seal the library's lobby while the player browses through the stacks. The Ghost Librarian will also bless the PC if given scrolls.



Deliver the weird tome to the mad minstrel

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