Levitating is a status condition that causes the PC to float a few inches above the ground.

Effects on the PC[]

Levitating PCs ignore the increased energy costs of moving through difficult terrain, become immune to pit and alarm traps, can move over water and magma without taking drowning damage, and don't take damage from falling down stairs. Its not possible to discover the Water Dragon Cave while levitating, but there are otherwise no negative side effects. Levitation does not work on D:49 and does not protect the PC from falling down the Rift.


PCs can only gain this status with items. Staff of levitation can grant the status temporarily, while boots of levitation, rings of levitation and the artifact weapon Eagle's Claw grant it continuously while worn/wielded.

Effects on monsters[]

It's not possible to cause monsters to levitate (though flying monsters like bats seem to act basically as though they were levitating).