Lawful is an alignment. This alignment is generally associated with characters that uphold order by enforcing and/or adhering to strict codes of conduct; that play a very helpful role to Ancardian society (such as Jharod or Khelavaster); or are just "innocent". Acts of order are generally those that either reject evil, or bring good to society.

The PC[]

Initial lawful tendencies[]

Dwarves, High elves and Hurthlings begin the game lawful, unless affected by class (i.e. playing as a NecromancerDruid or Chaos Knight). Healers also start off the game with their alignment tipped toward lawful, due to the benevolent nature of their profession.

Acts of order[]

Whilst there is a large number of deeds in ADOM that push alignment towards lawful, most of them are either once-off actions or only raise alignment slightly each time. The transition from neutral or even chaotic to lawful is typically a very gradual process, which tends to be boosted towards the end of the game as the PC kills a lot of powerful chaotic monsters. Champions of Balance should pay particular attention to this.

Social standing[]

As expected, lawful PCs get along with most other NPCs in ADOM but are shunned by the more shady characters.

Relationship with deities[]

Lawful deities do not allow the PC to sacrifice lawful monsters, and do not allow lawful NPCs to sacrifice the PC.

Other effects[]

Lawful characters have increased resistance to corruption — corruption points received are reduced by 30% if alignment is L+ or 10% if otherwise lawful, with a further 10% reduction for lawful PCs of the Unicorn starsign.


Very few monsters are lawful; the only ones commonly encountered are blink dogs, ki-rins, white unicorns, dwarves and generally most townfolk.

Notable lawful NPCs include: